Crank Calls Shenmue Style.

Continuing the Shenmue Stuff I have been posting (Hell lets just make this week Shenmue week on the Junkyard).

Maybe this isn't going to be very funny to some of you but I laughed.

Shenmue's Ryo Hazuki makes some phone calls...

Pulled from Kotaku


  1. Haha yeah I saw this, great stuff. I was gonna post it but got beat to the punch.

    Speaking of Shenmue, I have that "what's Shenmue" demo in the post.

  2. Damn Gagaman(n) you are a collector!

    I dunno if I would ever shell out any money for a Japanese language RPG demo.

    Can you even play it if you can't read the subtitles?

  3. VERY FUNNY! Me and the kids have played this about five times and we love it!

    "Speaking of Shenmue, I have that "what's Shenmue" demo in the post."

    Gagaman(n!) I am so jealous!!!

    Please report on it ASAP....

    BTW Could you email me? I need to ask a favour...

  4. Yeah, it wasn't particularly cheap (about £8, although it normally seems to go for around £15-20) but from what I've seen on YouTube it's perfectly playable even though I obviously won't be able to understand what's being said.

  5. LMAO! Shenmue week is perfect, for I've just played a bit of Shemmue II yesterday, after beating Sword of the Berserk. Now that I think of it, I've been playing that game on and off for almost two years (!). I guess I'm gonna try and finally finish it this year.