Some guy attempts to experience Shenmue in real life.

"I went to Yokosuka, more specifically, Dobuita, to the locations where the Sega Dreamcast game Shenmue were based on. Shenmue is one of my top 10 video games of all time, and I was able to discover some of the same locations that were adapted into the game."

He also wants Shenmue 3, but hey, who doesn't?

Ok, I was a bit disappointed. He said right at the beginning of the video he was going to do everything that Ryo did in the game but I saw no quest for vengeance, no forklifts and no martial arts against random gang members.

And no kitten...there was no kitten...

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  1. I guess it would be pretty cool to go there. I'd want to play Space Harrier, After Burner and darts.

    I think I'd rather go to Aberdeen in Hong Kong though. I spent more time wandering round virtual Hong Kong than I did in virtual Dobuita...