Bringing the Dream to the kids...

Well it was my friend from the Planet Dreamcast Forums, Sonnyboywilliamson's idea so I kind of feel bad about jumping the gun and beating him to reporting back on the first Dreamcast day that my class have experienced. To cater to numbers I also took in a PS2...

The day started with a Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution tournament. The rule was basically, winner stays on. I started off as my favourite VF character, Kage Maru, confident that I'd have a long run on the top spot, but boy was I wrong... I managed three wins before the most 'challenging' pupil took great delight in unceremoniously dumping me out of the game. A very quiet, well behaved beautiful little girl proved to be the dark horse of the tournament. She notched up eight successive wins as Sarah Bryant, kicking the arses of all the boys who had made her year miserable through their behaviour! Happy days!

The pattern was repeated later in the day on Soul Calibur. DOH! Again, it was the quieter girls who proved to be the martial arts masters. The kids loved the day and we are going to repeat it tomorrow. I might take in Crazy Taxi and Space Channel 5. And then I break up for six lovely weeks! Put that in your pipe and smoke it wage slaves!!!!

The games on offer to the children over the day were:

Dreamcast:Soul Calibur
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Daytona USA 2000

VF4 Evolution
Some Konami Dance Mat game for PS1


  1. Looks like it was a great day for everybody. I wish my teachers were more like this, lol...

    Now, seriously, I don't know how to say this without sounding lame, but... Father Krishna, you truly are an inspiration to us all (or for me, at least) and I hope those kids realize how fortunate they are for having you as their teacher. Keep up the awesome work ;)

  2. Why thank you dear nebacha, I'm very touched by your comment. I think I will do the same with the Saturn at some point as a History project... LOL!

    What was great was that most of the children were somewhat non-plussed by the console when I got it out, a couple thought it was a PS1 (remember they are only eight or nine).

    Then I put Soul Calibur on and they were just blown away by the graphics. They were intrigued by the VMUs and when I told them they could pick up a console and the game for twenty quid, there was an audible gasp of approval!

  3. "a couple thought it was a PS1"

    As shameful as this might be...when I looked at the first photo, just for a second, I thought that too, because I'm used to see mine white as snow, and when I say the greyish one on the photo I immediately thought of the only grey console I know (not considering special editions of the Saturn). I think I'm going to repent for my sins by playing some Soul Calibur...

    Oh, talking of Soul Calibur, 4 is almost out...

  4. Off topic but I saw this and thought of you guys.

    I've been looking up various papercraft projects and came across this blog post where you can find links to a dreamcast papercraft project complete with controller and VMU.
    So you can have a paper model of our favorite retro console sitting right next to your actual Dreamcast.
    Double the Dreamcast pleasure. :P

    There are also downloads for the Megadrive and Saturn.

  5. Ha Ha - great idea FK - bringing the awesomness of the DC to a whole new generation. I believe it is now my duty to deliver a similar ray of hope to the Royal Navy's entire fleet. Just think - all new vessels to have DCs installed as standard!

  6. There should be government subsidies for Samba de Amigo in schools. :)

    Good exercise, hand-eye coordination and rhythm/timing training. Lots of fun too, obviously. I'd imagine a two player setup would be a big hit.

  7. Why cheers Tom! You know the school too, it was just round the corner from where you used to live...

    I'm sure our fighting forces would benefit from Dreamcast related training exercises. I'll leave ti with you to get that sorted with your superiors...

    Joshua I heartily agree with your proposal! Now all you have to do is square it with the secretary of state for education...