Dreamcast vs. Wii

I really liked this video, though I don't actually agree with it's stance. I think that both the 360 and the Wii have a LOT to thank our favourite console for in terms of innovation, but you'd have to be some sort of luddite to think they are inferior systems. Both are great and have a lot to offer current gen gamers, but their roots in Dreamcast soil are glaringly obvious for all to see...

What the above video does very succinctly though, is highlight beautifully what an amazing system the Dreamcast was (is!) I think the fact that the Wii seems to be a platform for Dreamcast re-issues (see last but one post) is not something that damns the Wii, but something that celebrates the Dreamcast.

Hopefully those peeps who are enjoying downloads of Ikaruga on the 360, or loving the re-issue of HOTD2, Sega Bass Fishing, Samba De Amigo etc. on the Wii, might at some point check out eBay and score themselves a Dreamcast for peanuts. Then they will be like me. I got my first Dreamcast three years after it's demise. I've spent the last four years revering it's splendour and buying as many pieces of Dreamcast software and peripherals as my family budget would allow. I've got one Wii, one 360, one PS2 and one Saturn. I've got eight Dreamcasts, (three 'boxed as new') in reserve. I have one next to my 360 and Wii, and in another room one next to my PS2 and Saturn. Guess which console receives the most attention?

Plus I'm waiting for brand new Dreamcast game DUX to be posted through the letterbox as we speak... As gamers, we should reap the benefits of whatever console can satisfy our gaming needs. As Dreamcast lovers we should feel smug to see how the seeds sewn by Sega's last gasp are still reverberating through the current generation. I'm confident that the love shown towards the Dreamcast may well be rewarded. Dreamcast 2 may well become a reality if we all pray hard enough!!


  1. Ugh, I saw this video once and prominently switched it off a good 30 seconds later. You only need to hear the Wiis "voice" for a second to know this is going to be a completely biased and meaningless video that just trolls one system over the other with ill reasons. The consoles aren't even rival systems, why would you even make this? Sega make games for it, for Pete's sake! XD

    It's pretty embassering to watch all the way through, trying to make comparisons between the utterly incomparable like Shenmue and Mario Galaxy. Where does that logic even come from?

    I can see where he's getting at with the graphics being ahead of their time when the DC was out compared to the Wii being the least powerful out now, and all the neat things you can do with the Dreamcast like Homebrew 9although the Wii can do Homebrew also, the DC is just less protected, which actually led to severe piracy that hurt Sega's finances pretty hard. But most of the other "It's better because" comparisons are illogical or unfair, like comparing a high-budget first-party racing game (F355 Challenge) with the lowest of the low shovelware on Wii, made on a budget of 5 buttons and a ball of lint.

    The intention is there which is nice, but the way the author goes about it just looks petty and awkward, but this is just my personal opinion. What I do agree on is your words below the video, Krish. Well said.

  2. Why thank you Gagaman(n)! I agree with you, the presentation of the video is cringeworthy, but as it was made with a die hard love that only us enthusiasts understand, I thought it was worth a post.

    I've certainly been guilty of an illogical set of opinions about the Dreamcast in the past, the most stupid being a retrospective rage about the Dreamcast being eclipsed by the PS2 in the last gen console war. Stupid because not only was I one of those people that was sold on the PS2's ability to play DVDs, but also because I actually LOVE my PS2 and have had some great times with it (Matrix Path Of Neo, Max Payne, God Of War 2, Outrun 2, Kingdom Hearys etc...)

    I do believe that the Wii is currently beginning to bring attention back to how great the Dreamcast was/is. Magazines such as Official Nintendo Magazine are always referencing the Dreamcast and one of it's contributors actually re-bought a Dreamcast recently stating (and I quote) "The Dreamcast was the Wii of it's time". Alongside the feature was a lovely pic of the first little white box.

    There is a great article that I just read which I might print out in full here at the 'Yard for those types who don't follow links.

    For those of you who do the link is this:

  3. Huh. I can't tell from the video...

    Did they use my Soul Calibur video for that? 3:30.

    Holy Crap that candle holder on the Upper left of the screen and the notebook on top of the screen.

    That was my video they ripped!

    Yeah. That video would have been better without the horrible voice for the Wii.

  4. I actually laughed quite a bit at this video. I mean it does seem very biased because the Wii does have a few great games but like Dreamcast was saying... it could do what the Wii does now with the Emulation and some of the games it demonstrated.

    Sadly though the only good games I've played for the Wii have been made by Nintendo... the only exception to this would be No More Heroes which I got because I loved the art style and sense of humor the game had.