Simon Jeffery Confirms Dreamcast 2, Shenmue 3, and Seaman 2 (on opposite day)

Just remember that this clip was filmed during "opposite day" so everything Mr. Jeffery says is the complete opposite from what he really means!

Wow that's some cold truth there.

"Fanboys" want Shenmue 3? Well, Nintendo doesn't listen to those whiny hardcore gamer peas anymore. So why should Sega listen to Sega fans?

Pulled from Kotaku


  1. You know, I like you and all, people of Dreamcast Junkyard, and being a Dreamcast f***g freak, it hurts my fingers to type such an horrific sentence but, hey, look. We, the gamers, the game lovers, we don't belong this industry anymore.

    We made it, we built it by supporting all those marvellous platforms and all those games filled with dream, passion (and blue skies, dammit !!), but just listen to what those people are saying, take a look at the directions they're all taking right now. Do you see any future for us? Do you want to be struggling between "Sudoku training by Professor Bullshit" and "Sonic and Mario and Batman and Margaret Thatcher at the Olympic Lame"?

    I don't and I resign. I'm working in a game company, a large one, and there's very little hope to see our game fanatics' wishes grow louder than whispers in a grindcore concert.

    Just keep on trying all those fantastic games we missed on the last consoles, try the pc-based indy games, they're often great and enlighting, eventually.

    But quit paying attention to all those videogame people just trying to make the last dollars out of the videogame dead body.

    Take care,


  2. Hello Mochi and thanks for your comment. I think there's hope for us yet... Surely the fact that this very blog and esteemed commentors like your good self are proof that a good eight years since the DCs official 'demise' we still care are proof positive that we should not throw the baby out with the bathwater...

    The DC still lives... I'm waiting for it's newest software, DUX, to pop through my door any minute now...

    We welcome your input and I for one am looking forward to your thoughts on my next post about how great the latest DC shmup is...

  3. And BTW Simon Jeffery! Come on!!!
    We'll be quiet about the Dreamcast 2 if you'll just throw us a frickin' bone and give us Shenmue 3 on ANY console...

    great post Caleb!!

  4. "Fanaticism about the Dreamcast"? It's not fanaticism, it's love and dedication! Something they're definitely not showing to their fans!

    "Shenmue is a fanboy game"? What the hell? Seriously, now I feel sad...

    Mochi, as much as it pains me to say this, you're at least partly right. We, true fans of videogames, or "hardcore gamers" like they call us these days, are getting more and more ignored by companies who only see the almighty euro (or dollar, or yen, or pound sterling) in front of their eyes.

    BTW, this is a bit unrelated, but have you heard of the new Sonic game, the one which was actually looking good, with 3d graphics but a 2d perspective? Guess what, Sega revealed the "night stages", were you stop running to transform into a "were-hog" and beat baddies in a beat's of rage style gameplay. OMFG...

  5. Father > I was not only talking about the Dreamcast 2, which will never be done and we know it for ages, but I'm concerned by the outrageous disregard those people have for us. The comic strip Caleb posted is pretty accurate about how useless we're now, for an industry that would have died in 1983 if game lovers like us hadn't been there.
    Nebachadnezzar > The first trailer got me, with its beautiful and living landscapes, the last one just...just...Why, I mean, why do they put so much effort into constantly failing?

  6. I saw this video earlier this week and it really saddened me. I love my Dreamcast and Shenmue and I wish that there would be a 3rd one because fanfic's only satisfy you for so long.

  7. like I said on the racketboy forums, I don't want Ryo to be turned into a werewolf like sonic!

  8. "For some reason there's real fanaticism around the Dreamcast."

    I wonder why...

  9. you know what i think the idea is great and i don't think nintendo is even competing with sony and microsoft, mainly sony and microsoft are competing with each other, nintendo is left without no one, sega deserves to be a first-party because they made (from what i hear) great games, so which compoany should fall sony or microsoft, sony will fall, i hope

    oh and why not dreamcast 2, it is possible

  10. If SEGA were only to see what problems the PS3 and Nintendo Wii had (I bet they both had loads) and create an entirely new console to kick the asses of both and with less problems and bugs than they had. If SEGA just did that like Sony and Nintendo did to them, they would create a successful console and it would SERVE SONY AND NINTENDO RIGHT!

  11. i think it would serve them right, i can imagine the future where nintendo and sony are all 3rd party and microsoft and sega are working together to make a great console, seriously tho, they dont care about us, just making money, they'l fight, but we'l quit then the market will crumble.

  12. All i can say is VALVe. Why? Every game that VALVe has ever made has not let me down.