Wind and Water Puzzle Battles

A bit of information about the upcoming Dreamcast port of Wind and Water.

Blatantly stolen from the headlines at DCEmu UK

From the Wind and Water website.

"The Dreamcast version will feature a new package design, as well as an extensive manual with new artwork, in both English and Japanese! The final package will resemble closely the pictures you see below:" (Official Site)

It looks like there is gonna be some pretty good packaging for the puzzle game! And it looks like there is going to be VMU support!

Perhaps they could have gone with a DVD case design but the classic CD case looks pretty sweet.


  1. Oh wow, now that would look nice in my collection. Last Hope also had really slick professional box art and I hope the same applies to Dux. I'mn looking forward to Wind and Water the most as I dig puzzle games and already tried out the GP2X demo which was sweet. =)

  2. Oh, and thanks to that link I've taken the plunge and decided to buy me a custom sprite of myself to appear in the game. £7 seems like a good deal for making a cameo in a Dreamcast game, don't you think? =P

  3. I'm following hot on the heels of the Gagaman(n)and ordering this right off the bat! And I'm gonna order me a custom sprite too! Dang! I'm excited!!! :)

    Thank you dear Caleb!

  4. Pretty neat ! It's not Shenmue 3 but still ! ^^

  5. Wow, that was quick! I sent Yuan Works my photo just yesterday, and they've sent the sprite over already! See my new avatar =)

  6. Muahahahhaa!!!! Sombrero!!!!

    That's AWESOME Gagaman(n)!

    I gotta clean up my computer and take a risk using my card to get a custom sprite.

  7. If you look really closely, you will also notice the blue, red and white pixels on my representing the Sonic on my shirt =D

  8. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the announcement!

    Gagaman: Glad you liked the sprite, and yeah, I was amazed when my brother finished the sprite and Sonic was actually visible in your shirt!

  9. Wait, these sprites will actually appear in the retail version of the game? Will I be able to play using gagaman's avatar? That's just awesome!

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