DCJY InsideOut: GagaMan's Collection 2009 Update

You might remember my video from last June/July showing my Dreamcast collection. Well, it's changed quite a bit since then, so here's a new video showing what's new. I mostly ramble about unusual Japanese games I've picked up, some of which I'd like to Rummage review some time.


  1. I have to compliment you on your shelving, very classy! Much better than a stack of discs in the corner.

    I'll have to get the SGGG box someday...

    Oh! And welcome to the Bus Guide club!

  2. Very nice collection you got there. It must've took you ages to arrange all that shit on your bed between takes! :D

    I don't own a single Jap/US game - mine are all PAL ones that I either got off ebay or from Gamestation back when they stocked retro games. Oh, and wear that SGGG T-shirt with pride!

  3. And I agree with Barry on the shelving - all my games are in a big CD wallet whilst the jewel cases reside in the depths of a cupboard at my sister's house!

  4. I've just turned very green with envy.

    Yeah, I hate those pal cases. They're so breakable Sega would have been better of packaging there games in cases of woven moth wings. Eventually I'm gonna have to get a bigger cardboard box to put them in.

  5. Welp, your video gave me the itch and now I have some ebay auctions going. Just won Looney Tunes Space Race and Feet of Fury.

  6. Very nice collection!

    Makes mine look second class by comparison.

    I really should organize mine better.

  7. My Dreamcast collection consists of Sonic Adventure, Chuchu Rocket, Crazy Taxi, and a whole bunch of CDs. Sorry, but I don't have a store near me that sells Dreamcast games!