Still not sure about Wind & Water? Try out the demo!

I know there are some that are still not sure wherever or not they want to buy Yuan Works Indie Dreamcast release Wind & Water: Puzzle Battles. First of all watch my Rummage review, then if that intrigues you head over to DCEvolution who now have a demo download which you can burn and try out on your DC. Then hurry up and grab it if you like it, because there's no way of knowing how long the game will available!

There has been quyite a lot of activity going on over at DCEvolution lately, like DreamMP3 which comes with the Dreamcast EP by I have a Dreamcast on it, a demo of Goat Store's Inhabitants (another neat indie puzzle game), and other homebrew downloads.


  1. LOL Not only is my digital album art shown at, but so too is my copy of the EP on the floor of my computer room. Nice to see my hardwood floor reaching a larger audience. :)

    PS - Every Dreamcast owner should have Wind & Water.

  2. I'd love to get into Wind and Water but since I got stuck trying to do a X3 Elemental (IMPOSSIBLE. If you can do this you're a freak) I've pretty much given up on this game.

  3. Hairyman, use the cheese! That's how I got out of difficult challenges.

    I was stuck on the Wood element stage (clear 50 wood in 3 minutes), and after failing for the fifteenth time I decided to buy the cheese. But I only had 100 Yuan bucks! So to make a lot of cash in a nominal amount of time I played the first puzzle stage (occurs a stage or two after the versus with Yuan) over and over, building up 10 yuan bucks at a time. It took roughly 10 seconds each time, so in a matter of 7 minutes I made 400 yuan bucks, bought the cheese and completed the Wood element!
    Despicable, I know, but compare that to the 45 minutes spent trying to complete the actual stage. B)

  4. I don't think I've actually used the shop yet, doh! Every time I checked it early on there didn't appear to be much stuff in there (that was useful anyway). Guess I have to go back and check, thanks for the hint Barry ;)

  5. This game has become one of the worst experiences of my life. For a puzzle game that looks like it's been aimmed at little kids, the game makes me really complicated and technical things in order to complete the game.

    If you think that is bad, the mini games are worst. The mini games test your mentally like you're a 22nd century lab rat and you HAVE to complete these to process the game!

    The developers who created this game really need to get out because this is a good example of a homebrew title that expresses it's own nerd rage and makes me embarrassed to even owning a homebrew title.