Atari Jaguar Indie Titles Coming to Dreamcast?

I make no secret of the fact that as well as being something of a Dreamcast fanatic, I also have a soft spot for Atari's much-maligned and under-appreciated Jaguar system. Is it mere coincidence that both of these consoles' failure to penetrate the mass market ultimately lead to their parent companies withdrawing from the hardware manufacturing business (and in Atari's case, any form of business)? I'm starting to wonder if I'm some kind of angel of death - if I am, Sony had better watch out seeing as I recently bought a PS4...
The reason I bring up the Atari Jaguar is that I recently discovered that Orion, the independent developer responsible for several recent Atari Jaguar cartridge and CD-based adventure games is considering porting his wares to the Dreamcast. In a post on both the Dreamcast-Talk and RetroCollect forums, Orion asked whether gamers would be interested in seeing four recent titles make the leap from the Atari to Sega formats:

"I'm Orion and I'm a game programmer and fan of retro gaming. I develop on a lot of retro consoles, and I made some games for Atari Jaguar, Falcom, PlayStation and also Android and PC.

I recently started to develop for the Dreamcast, and I want to know if people would be interested if some of my games were ported to Dreamcast..."

Orion currently has four titles that could see their way onto the Sega platform:

Alice's Mom's Rescue - A traditional platformer inspired by the world of Alice in Wonderland. Gameplay involves altering Alice's height to access different parts of the 25 levels.

Yopaz IceStar - A puzzle game in which you must collect different coloured stars while the fighting against the effects of the vacuum of space. The game features 40 levels across 3 different worlds and also includes a level editor.

Elansar and the sequel Philia - two Myst-like point and click adventure titles featuring pre-rendered backgrounds and FMV transitions between locations. These two are very much puzzle games and the goal is to explore the locations, collect clues and ultimately escape the islands.

It's always cool to see yet more independently developed games come to the Dreamcast and you can find out more about these titles by visiting the Orion website. Furthermore, you can contact Orion via email to express an interest in seeing these ports become reality.

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