Mal Custom Consoles' Amazing Modded Dreamcasts

As documented here at the 'Yard several months ago, I had one of my Dreamcast consoles painted a lovely shade of blue by the talented guys at Warp Zone Games. I've always been a sucker for modded systems and even something as minor as a different coloured LED excites me more than it probably should. Imagine my slack-jawed joy then, when I stumbled across Mal Custom Consoles' custom Dreamcasts, pads and even mouse and keyboard setups...

Mal Custom Consoles primarily sell their unique systems via their US eBay store, but you can view more of their extremely desirable paint jobs by checking out the Facebook page here. It's worth noting that they don't exclusively mod Dreamcasts - there are some insanely impressive N64, NES, Saturn and PS2 systems in their catalogue too. The systems do tend to sell for a little above my budget, but for many the appeal of owning such a professional-looking one-of-a-kind console outweighs the initial layout.


  1. If i was employed i would definitely would have got one of these.

  2. Thanks For the great review. I just started a New FB Group under the same name. M.A.L. Custom Consoles.Send me an invite!

    I also have a NEW retail site with secure checkout at square.

    Soon i will have all the projects that are not commissions available there for sale plus games and other stuff. Thanks again.

  3. oh is see, my Goddess of the Night is also here :) Ophelia from S4 League :D