Le$ - Dreamcast Mixtape

Well this is pretty cool. Seems like US rap artist Le$ has something of a soft spot for Sega's final console, having recently released a mixtape of new material titled 'Dreamcast.' Furthermore, every track on the album is named after a familiar game and most of them are referenced in the lyrics too.
It's not the first time a rapper has drawn inspiration from the Dreamcast - we reported on Eminem's sampling of Soul Calibur on his track Hellbound way back in the early 2000s. Don't take our word for it though, check out the mixtape below (there are explicit lyrics so listen at your own discretion):

Rap isn't for everyone I know, but I quite like it personally and Dreamcast is perfect chill out music to play in the background while playing on your favourite console...which is an extra bonus if your favourite console happens to be the Dreamcast! Track 4 (GTA 2) is my personal track of choice and if you like what you hear, the full mixtape can be downloaded for free here. I'm just surprised there aren't tracks called Spirit of Speed 1937, Urban Chaos or Project Justice: Rival Schools 2. That last one in particular just rolls of the tongue.

Source: Rapwave

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