Turn Your PS4 Into A Dreamcast

Some time ago we featured the awesome PS4 controller from Extreme Consoles that's painted to match the Dreamcast's colour scheme. It's a brilliant idea and if I had money coming out of my ears I'd probably buy one. Sadly, I live in reality and cannot justify the cost of a month's food shopping on a bit of plastic. However, there's now a cheaper way to lavish some Dreamcast love on your shiny PlayStation 4 - the Dreamcast Isoskin:
Skins for consoles are nothing new, and there are a whole host of these things available for the PS4, but this is the first time I've seen a Dreamcast-themed one. It even comes with decals for the controllers, although I'm not sure how long the skins would last under moderate use. Still, for £14.99 this looks like a worthy and affordable alternative to Extreme Consoles' premium controller mod.

The Dreamcast Isoskin is available from the eBay listing here.


  1. this will give more taste to shenmue 3 at its release :)

  2. So this is what happened to Project Dream. Turned out better than o expected to be honest with you.