Some guys scribbled all over my Dreamcast!

Who would do such a thing? Some vandals that go by the names of Yuji Naka, Takashi Iizuka and Jun Senoue.

Whoever they are two of them also scribbled on my copies of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Adventure 2 as well! I was just casually walking around with this stuff in London like I always do and I wasn't the only one they attacked: hundreds of people who also just so happened to have Sonic games, soundtracks and I believe someone else with a Dreamcast.

We were all wandering around this place. Who knows how we all just so happened to be in the same place at the same time like that.

Best bit is one of the men in question, the one with a guitar so probably from a rock band of some sort, rubbed it in by taking a photo with me in a confused and frightened state. I got away from the other two too quick for them to do the same. Let us know if you were also a victim of this bizarre crime.

Lisa Foiles Wore an Awesome Dreamcast Shirt.

Who says there was no Dreamcast news at E3?

Lisa Foiles looks really excellent with her new hairstyle and Dreamcast Tshirt. (Now does she make the shirt look good or does the shirt make her look better?) Kudos to her! This and her interview with Spoony about the new Startrek game totally make up for her hanging out with that degenerate Tim Rogers. (It doesn't, however, excuse her for putting a video game console on a carpeted floor in that one video she did. Jebus Lisa! You should know better.)

This is probably a a bit of a stretch to create an article about but honestly I didn't hear any other Dreamcast related news at this years E3. Well besides Keith Apicary probably asking someone about the Dreamcast 2 again. (Keep on believing the Dream Keith!)

Watch Lisa's E3 video at Kotaku. (Warning does contain images of Tim Rogers. Just try to focus on the shirt and ignore him)

City Escape Hits E3!

People playing City Escape at E3, what is this? 2001?! No, it's the latest stage reveal for Sonic Generations. This time, SEGA has unveiled the classic and modern acts for the HD remake of the famous Dreamcast stage. Gamestop sat down with a SEGA rep and chatted as footage played. Check it out, I can't wait to hear what other Dreamcast era stages we'll get to play!

Somewhat Shady Site Offering Portable Dreamcasts For $470 Each

I got an email about this.

Apparently some Japanese site is now offering to sell portable dreamcasts for just under $500.

I don't like the look of the site however.

So yeah. Like I said earlier companies can sell portable SNES and NES units legally because Nintendo let their patents expire.

But Sega never let the Dreamcast patents die out as far as I know.

So even if you happen to have a half grand sitting around I would probably pass on this deal.

It's very interesting to note that a company is trying to do this though.