Take The Bullet Revealed

Take The Bullet is one of the more infamous cancelled games for the Dreamcast. Developed by Red Lemon Studios, it was an ambitious first person shooter in which you could also use the light gun to shoot onscreen enemies. This kind of thing had been done before (Resident Evil Survivor on the PlayStation is one such example), but nothing on the scale of Take The Bullet had been attempted.
The game was to feature a full on single player campaign, alongside a 4-player multiplayer split screen mode that also added bots into the mix. The solo game involved the player assuming the role of ex-marine and bodyguard Jack Travis, and it was up to you to protect Presidential candidate Kincaide through a varied series of missions (although evidence suggests they may have been mainly escort missions, Travis being a bodyguard and all).

I recently got to play a very early build of this mysterious game, and while I was unable to try it out with the light gun, I was able to capture footage from the first two missions.
While it is clearly very rough around the edges and has very little in the way of sound effects, voice acting or music, this early version of Take The Bullet was spread across several discs - one of which was the split-screen multiplayer death match (interestingly labelled as 'E3 Demo'). I managed to play this death match against an AI bot in single player but I recently had some pretty severe computer issues (basically a failed hard drive in my MacBook) and as such I lost all that footage.
What remains however, is more than enough to show you the beginnings of a very promising title that could have been the Dreamcast's answer to Goldeneye 007 had it ever seen the light of day. Here's the world exclusive video:

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Blai said...

Thanks for the footage!

How was the multiplayer part?? talk about it please

nocarpayment said...

Looks like it would of been a neat game.

Tom Charnock said...

Bali - the multiplayer was cool. It was up to four players, but I only had one controller so I played against an AI bot. I took a video of it but my Mac HDD died. If I ever get it recovered I will post it, but I doubt it'll happen. The multiplayer was incomplete - you could fall through the world if you went to outside areas.

Tom Charnock said...

Sorry - I spelt your name correctly Blai - it autocorrected as usual.

DCGX said...

Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

aa562eea-8a33-11e5-b639-87a2444477fb said...

This is incredible! Any chance of it getting released as a self booting .cdi? How much do I have to donate??

Teddy Rogers said...

Stop teasing and give us a download link!

Leo.Palmer said...

Any chance you could speak to the owner again and get some footage whist using the light gun? It would be really interesting seeing as that was one of the main selling points of the game :)

The Voice Of Reason said...

Found Edge’s follow up look at the game.Basically when Red Lemon started work on the game, the Dreamcast was known as Katana and they struggled with the evolutionary process the hardware went through, plus they failed to manage everyone on the team as well as they could of and a few staff failed to deliver, according to quote given.As a result, game suffered from ‘slippage’ and by the time it was back on track, Sega had found the Dreamcast struggling to survive in the market and thus they (Sega) decided to cease development.

Red Lemon did attempt to ‘rework’ the game to PS2, however the company went bust and Visual Science bought the IP.

The Voice Of Reason said...

Another reason for the games delay:

The critical Indifference shown by the press when the game was initially shown.

This lead to it being taken back to the drawing board for an extensive overhaul.