128-Bits Of Cake

Do you know a Dreamcast fan with an upcoming birthday? If so, I suggest you put the Tesco Value trans-fat delivery shuttle and 15p fire-hazard candles back on the shelf and give yourself a slap across the face with a 1999 Arsenal shirt that's been soaked in yak vomit. And then, once you've cleaned yourself up and reassessed your (poor) life choices, head over to Pretty Cake Machine. Why? Well, because there you will find the person responsible for this amazing Dreamcast cake:

We've seen a lot of Dreamcast-themed cakes over the years but this one was created specially to celebrate the 15th birthday of the Dreamcast in the US earlier this year, and was commissioned by The Rat Pak Shack - an online retailer of console dust covers. The Space Channel 5 details are especially cool on this cake, and beneath the icing is a delightful-sounding combination of orange and sour-cream sponge with a tangy orange curd filling. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin/keyboard/carpet. Oh wait - I got some on the wall too.
We're sure you'll agree that a cake like this would brighten up any Sega fan's day, and theoretically we reckon the baker, Katharina has the skills to turn any piece of antiquated retro-gaming hardware into a mouthwatering edible treat. Anybody want to commission her to create a life-sized Neo-Geo CD? That thing would feed the 5000, no danger.

Be sure to check out Pretty Cake Machine here and also, feel free to investigate The Rat Pack Shack's Etsy store - they have some pretty nice-looking Dreamcast dust covers on sale there.

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