The Dreamcast Beer Tap

OK, this is clearly just a Dreamcast controller screwed onto a regular beer tap, but kudos to the creator for recognising that the only thing that could make beer even adding some Dreamcast. It's currently listed on eBay here, although the pork scratchings must be sourced elsewhere. If you decide to purchase it, make sure you raise a glass to The Dreamcast Junkyard for keeping a) the dream alive; and b) encouraging your alcoholic tendencies.

On a slightly different note, the UK Blog Awards will be open for votes soon and we'd very much appreciate it if you'd consider supporting us. As we've said many, many times in the past few months, 2015 is the tenth year of The Dreamcast Junkyard's existence (as illustrated by our epic three-part 10th Anniversary competition a few months back) and it'd be really amazing if we could celebrate it with some kind of award. Details coming soon!

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