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Vote For Us In The UK Blog Awards 2016!

Vote for me now in the UK Blog Awards #UKBA16 
The UK Blog Awards exist to celebrate and showcase the best content that UK-based bloggers produce. As a blog hosted by Google's Blogger platform, The Dreamcast Junkyard thought it might be worth entering the 'Digital and Technology' we did! There are lots of different categories ranging from fashion and sport blogs to movie and business focused sites, and we're sure they're all superb. However, in order for The Dreamcast Junkyard to be in with a chance of being shortlisted to attend the glitzy awards ceremony in London, we need your help! If you can find it in you Hitachi SH-4 powered heart, please consider clicking the link below (or the image above) and casting your vote for the finest Dreamcast-related blog on the internet.

We need vote for The Dreamcast Junkyard here! Also - see those little Twitter and Facebook buttons beneath this post? Feel free to use those and spread the word...

The Dreamcast Beer Tap

OK, this is clearly just a Dreamcast controller screwed onto a regular beer tap, but kudos to the creator for recognising that the only thing that could make beer even adding some Dreamcast. It's currently listed on eBay here, although the pork scratchings must be sourced elsewhere. If you decide to purchase it, make sure you raise a glass to The Dreamcast Junkyard for keeping a) the dream alive; and b) encouraging your alcoholic tendencies.