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Dreamcast-Themed Ale Spotted!

Credit to Anthony DeCenzo on Untappd
A post from T-Rodge on Twitter yesterday showcased the existence of a Dreamcast-themed ale from the Maine, USA brewery “Odd By Nature”. 

While I’m not an alcohol drinker, I do appreciate some of the fun pop culture themed ales I see from time to time on social media, and Odd By Nature’s output is no exception. Their designs cover everything from video games like Contra, Super Mario Bros. and Grand Theft Auto V, to the music of rapper Mac Miller (R.I.P.), Sublime and Limp Bizkit.

But the reason why you’re here: back in May, Odd By Nature released a cream ale themed after the Dreamcast. Its name? Creamcast.
Credit to Eric Latulippe on Untappd
Presumably not a reference to the parody console from Rent-A-Hero No. 1, but a comment on the type of ale it is, Creamcast has 4.3% units and is described as a “light and refreshing cream ale, with a smooth creamy taste and a slightly sweet finish”.

If you want to try Creamcast for yourself, it unfortunately appears to just be something that locals can get hold of. The Brewery itself is located in Cape Neddick, Maine. We did find this place to purchase it online but they don't ship alcohol 'cause laws, so that'd be a pickup in Portland or Gorham, Maine.

Update: GGDreamcast went to the brewery yesterday to track down this ale and said it was nowhere to be found, so it must have sold out! Who knows if it’ll be reproduced again?
The Creamcast's full label/wrap. Again, credit to Untappd.
Maybe we Brits can't get our hands on a can, but it's always good fun to take a look at some Dreamcast novelty items. For more drunken Dreamcast shenanigans, check out Tom's post from 2015 about the person who made a Dreamcast controller beer tap. Matter of fact, that could be the perfect tap to dispense Creamcast from... Odd By Nature should track one down...

The Dreamcast Beer Tap

OK, this is clearly just a Dreamcast controller screwed onto a regular beer tap, but kudos to the creator for recognising that the only thing that could make beer even adding some Dreamcast. It's currently listed on eBay here, although the pork scratchings must be sourced elsewhere. If you decide to purchase it, make sure you raise a glass to The Dreamcast Junkyard for keeping a) the dream alive; and b) encouraging your alcoholic tendencies.

(Samba De Amigo) + (German Beer) = Fun.

Since we are posting Samba de Amigo videos.

Oh how those Germans love the Dreamcast...

See! Samba De Amigo is the Best game to play while drinking beer in ANY county!

German Dreamcast site is now open for business! Eat some sausage, drink a Becks and play some Dreamcast!