The Games Eggman Plays

Before you comment "old news is old!", hear me out. Back when Sonic Unleashed released in 2008, eagle eyed fans spotted a Dreamcast system and controller in Eggman's Eggmobile. That was the old news. The new news is that a user at the Sonic Stadium message boards figured out what games Eggman played in his free time. Computer, enhance the above image:


What's that? He has two games? Let's rotate and zoom in:

HA! It looks as though Eggman raided Sega's secret closet of unreleased games as he owns a copy of Dr. Eggman Adventure (you can see "Dr. E" and beneath that "Adv") as well as, what's this? A port of the Wii's NiGHTS Journey into Dreams!? Well, that or it could be the soundtrack, as the Dreamcast is also a CD player.

In other news, I just (mostly) completed my Official Dreamcast Magazine collection! All twelve numbered issues as well as the eleven magazine exclusive demo discs sitting pretty on my shelf. I said "mostly" as I have yet to get the preview issue number zero which hit newsstands in the summer of 1999. Someday it will be mine.

In any case, they make for excellent retro reading. The layout is beautiful and the articles are well worth reading even ten years later. Perhaps I'll make an ODCM tribute video for the Dreamcast Junkyard YouTube channel? :^o

Dreamcast Era Attire Goes 360

Sega is showing more love for Dreamcast era classics, this time at the Xbox 360 Avatar Marketplace! Hitting the virtual shops today are a bevy of Sega and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing themed attire including logo shirts, helmets, racing suits and Sega character themed items. The full listing can be found here, but let's take a closer look at the items that matter to Dreamcast fans.

My avatar doing some Shenmue cosplay

First up is the best item out of all of them: Ryo's Jacket! Made for both men and women, Ryo's jacket is a near perfect replica of the one seen in Shenmue. Yeah, the diamond patch on the front is missing, but I can assure you that the tiger is on the back. Considering that blue jeans and white sneakers are default items, one could easily make a Ryo costume.

Up next is the stylish Amigo sombrero. I don't think Gagaman has a 360, but if he did I'm certain his avatar would have one of these.
AAUK of Sonic Wrecks went into detail on why Amigo's hat isn't larger:

A couple of other items bit the dust like Beat’s skates, I even had it down in my plan that your avatar action would become the little victory jig he does, but alas again the skates fell foul of the bounding box of the avatars, you can’t elevate the Avatar itself and neither can you have things going through the floor. You may notice the Amigo sombrero isn’t as wide as Amigo’s normally is, this is for the same reason.

Despite the restrictions, the hat looks great! I know what I'll be wearing on May 5th.

Finally we come to Beat's glasses. While not based on the original Dreamcast game (these come from JSRF) they still look quite cool and would go great with a yellow t-shirt and some headphones:

Overall the items are very cool. Prices for clothing and accessories range from $1 to $2, with props selling for $3. If you have extra points or are willing to spend a few bucks to dress a digital version of yourself, give it a go!

Lookin' Like a Fool With Your Swirls On the Ground

As I entered a hotel yesterday, I was greeted by this carpet pattern:

Super-fans who would like to see this for themselves can check it out at Radisson Northeast Hotel in Philadelphia. This will be my second swirl sighting in a month, perhaps the Dreamcast is sending me the message that I need to give it more attention. Today I was kind enough to replace the batteries of my Dreameye, so it seems the subliminal swirl messages are working.

ps - Last year I had a video feature planned, but lack of time and the belief that I needed AVGN levels of production quality led that idea to dwindle. Now I've conceded that I need to make a video and quality be damned, hand held camera and unscripted chatter is good enough! Expect the first video by April. Whee!



It's odd that nobody thought of this before. I mean they are about the same shape.

Video Game Vault Chats With Seaman

The latest episode of Screw Attack's Video Game Vault revisits an old fishy friend of the DCJY. Thankfully, the video shows off the moments that make Seaman worth playing though there is quite a bit of dickery when it comes to slapping and boiling the tank. I hope for the day to come when mankind respects the Seaman and nurtures him to full froghood.

In other news, I'd like to toot my own horn and mention that my Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Ryo video has hit 16,700 views on youtube and became a featured video on GameTrailers. Toot toot!

Chu Chu Rocket animated tribute

Made by Ashley Davis for, here's a cute little film in tribute to the Dreamcast puzzle classic Chu Chu rocket. The kapu kapu has a moustache, what's not to like?

Something That Holds a Candle to the Dreamcast...

...would have to be a candle holder sporting the Dreamcast swirl!

File this one under "things that look like the Dreamcast logo". This time our swirly friend was spotted at a Whole Foods Market while the girlfriend and I were going about our weekly grocery shop. Whole Foods, for those not in the know, is a grocery store which sells both organic and "conventionally grown" produce, and national brands (aka their apples aren't infested with fruit flies and their bread actually is bread).

Whole Foods is also known for having a section of wacky spiritual products and new age meditation knickknacks. While waiting to pay I spotted this candle stand on the shelf and snapped a photo of it. The stand had a nice weight to it (just as a Dreamcast does), sported a familiar spiral (again, just as a Dreamcast does) and cost a reasonable $10.99 (the cost of a garage sale Dreamcast). I don't have too much more to write about it, so have another look at it:

Special thanks to my girlfriend for holding it in the above photo.