The Dreamcast Junkyard is a Dreamcast fan site that began in 2005 as a personal blog. Since then, it has grown in popularity and we regularly update with the latest news from the booming Dreamcast scene. Alongside this, we aim to bring our readers (and listeners) a steady stream of original features, reviews and a podcast. The Junkyard is in no way affiliated with Sega or any of its subsidiaries, and we are proud of our ability to bring original, entertaining and unbiased content to our readership. We strive to observe all copyrights and trademarks (that is, everything to do with the Dreamcast belongs to Sega) and in the name of journalistic respect, we will always site sources for our stories where appropriate. We ask others to do the same.

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Below you will find short bios about the team who keep the fires of the Junkyard burning...
Tom, Lost Ruin (Gaz), Rob and our roadie Martin :D
Tom Charnock - UK
Founder of the Junkyard and all-round fan of gaming. I started the Junkyard in 2005 as an online archive for my fledgling Dreamcast collection. I had a Dreamcast during the system's natural lifespan and had about 80 games for it...until I swapped it for a PS2 in 2001. In 2005 I picked up another Dreamcast and started to rebuild the collection, and the Junkyard was born.

Aaron Foster (The Gagaman) - UK
Aaron joined the team in 2006 and has a passion for all things Sega. A talented artist, animator and video creator, GM also co-hosts the Lucky Hit podcast and maintains the Sega Memories Tumblr. Gagaman is also responsible for some of the Junkyard's most widely-read content, including the Top 100 and Top 200 lists.

Barry Harmon (Barry the Nomad) - USA
Barry joined the Junkyard team in 2009 and since then created The Nomad Junkyard. By far his most successful venture has been assisting in the creation of SEGAbits - possibly the biggest Sega fansite on the internet today. Barry co-hosts the Swinging Report Show podcast and is a font of general Sega and gaming knowledge.

Caleb Moshier - USA
Hi, I'm Caleb and I joined the team in 2007. The Dreamcast was actually my first video game console at the tender age of 21 - as such it has always had a special place in my heart. Hailing from the United States, I have a knack for editing media projects and hunting down obscure games and documenting them through the lens of a video camera. You can find my YouTube channel here.

Gaz Backhouse (Lost Ruin) - UK
My name is Gaz (aka Lost Ruin) and I love videogames and I am a gamer! I could just leave it at this, but I might as well elaborate a bit and give you smidge more information about me. I'm 39 years old and my love of gaming started back in 1983 when I received a ZX Spectrum from a jolly fat bloke in a red suit one Christmas morning. Today I own a lot of different consoles - both new and old, and when I’m not working and looking after my family, you can bet that you'll find me online playing on the Xbox One or Xbox 360.

Xander Goebel (B# Major Genera) - USA
Although I owned both an NES and Sega Pico, the Dreamcast was my real “first console.” Because of that, I became a gamer in general, a retro gamer and aficionado of video game music. Recently graduated from university, my interests include literature, music and psychology.

Robert Jones - UK
My name is Robert and I'm a writer and journalist. I'm also the features editor at T3 Magazine. In my spare time I like collecting and playing retro video games, with the Dreamcast, Super Famicom and Neo Geo AES my 'go to' systems of choice. I'm also fascinated with Japanese culture in general, something for which I am currently learning Japanese to become more immersed in. My first novel Super Red Green Blue is also available to purchase now. Go and buy it!

Scott Marley (Doc Eggfan) - Australia
G'day, Doc Eggfan here - the 'Yard's resident Antipodean correspondent. I bought my first Dreamcast about 6 weeks before Sega announced they'd be pulling out of the hardware race, but I never regretted it. Since then, I've amassed somewhere in the vicinity of 500+ Dreamcast titles, which I like to claim is the largest collection in the Southern Hemisphere, but I'll accept challengers to the throne. I also collect all kinds of Sega goods from the humble SC-3000 Computer through to the RingEdge arcade system, and spend much of my spare time documenting and scanning my osbscura into the Sega Retro wiki. I was pretty active in the Sonic Hacking community back in the day - my last project was the 8-bit demake Sonic 2 LD for Master System. Outside of my Sega obsession, I'm partial to curling up in front of a Laserdisc movie or two, and can be seen in the wild listening to some cranked up power metal (via my Ubuntu phone) while pounding the pavement to my soul-crushing civil service job.

Mike Phelan - UK
Hi I'm Mike, list-obsessed writer of the Dreamcast Junkyard's Ultimate Collectors Guide (version 2 coming soon!). I've been a DC fan since the early days, but after making that careless mistake of selling my original console, I came back to the fold several years ago and haven't looked back. I've collected for most consoles and computers over the past 10 years, but the DC is now my sole Retro-interest, and I'm closing in on a complete collection, at which point I intend to literally bathe in a pile of barely playable Japanese visual novels. I may have a problem. When I'm not writing lists, I'm probably wittering on about 80's American hardcore punk music, forteana, Star Trek and Star Wars. I’m a blast at parties, let me tell you.

Ross O'Reilly - Japan
I remember seeing the first images of Sonic Adventure in a friend's copy of the now defunct CVG magazine. Those images must have left an impact on my impressionable twelve year old mind, because I saved up every penny I could for the next two years and bought a system at launch, but little did I know how drastically this little white box would influence my world.
Although I didn't realise it at the time, playing Shenmue became a real life changing experience for me as it led to my interest in Japan and in 2010, with practically zero knowledge of the language or culture, I made the life changing move to the country and have lived here ever since.
When not playing on one of my beloved Dreamcasts, you'll find me messing around with other consoles or sat at one of my Japanese candy arcade cabinets. Outside of videogames, I love travel, scuba diving, skiing and working out.

Damon Fillman - USA
Damon is a former SegaAddicts and XBLAfans contributor. His love for Dreamcast is unequivocal and he makes no attempts to appease fans of those "other" consoles. When not making the internet angry at him, he lives in sunny Philadelphia where he makes fun of men walking small canines.

James Jarvis - UK
James is the Junkyard's video maestro, having recently taken over the running of our YouTube channel. A veteran Sega fan, James has been running the It's Much More channel since inception and is also a former member of the UK Rockers online community.

James Harvey - UK
A Dreamcast owner from launch, my obsession with Sega’s swansong began when the first details from Japan started appearing in UK magazines. The Dreamcast will always be a special console for me as I experienced the world of online gaming for the first time, and I’ve never looked back. Games like Phantasy Star Online and Toy Racer became personal favourites of mine as I clogged up my parents’ phone line for hours on end each night.

Jennifer McMurray - USA
Jennifer could be described as obsessed with the Dreamcast. She couldn't wait for a western release, so she imported one from Japan in 1998, then bought one on the US launch day in 1999. She's since purchased half a dozen more, along with almost all of the indie releases that have been released so far. She's written for just about every blog that covers indie Dreamcast games since before Sega cancelled the Dreamcast, and shows no sign of stopping. And now she's here blogging at The Dreamcast Junkyard.


Ryo Hazuki said...

Hey guys love the junkyard community. Know you guys catch shit on here at least Tom does. I'm not used to Reddit, this my second post but wanted to show some love where ever I can. Again thanks for all the work everyone puts in to it.

Rob Dobson said...

Hi Guys, I'm a massive DC fan and I'm currently working my way through around 5 podcasts a day while at work! now up to number 32! keep it up

Tom Charnock said...

Hi Rob - thanks! Hope you enjoy them :)