Our podcast lives here! The title we settled on is The Dreamcast Junkyard DreamPod...which may sound a bit daft but is in actual fact a thinly-veiled attempt to be a bit clever. See, the words Dreamcast and podcast both end in 'cast,' so we took the leftovers and added them together. Viola: DreamPod is born! Scroll down to listen on the embedded player, or click the icons for your chosen device. If you'd like to help with server costs, you can always help out here. We know nobody will, but that's cool. Oh, and please leave an iTunes review if you can - it helps spread the word!

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Unknown said...

Shenmue utilizes the VMU perfectly,
as every new move you learn is shown in it's order.
Perfect way to memorize the patterns.
In case you tend to forget to actually look down on your controller screen,
like Tom does, the VMU sounds up with a short peep to remind you.
I also like the pixelated version of Ryo shown on the VMU for the game's save file.

Second one I remember, was the Chao garden of Sonic Adventure 2, which you already mentioned.
Anyways in the mean time Wikipedia populated a pretty good list of games compatibility with the VMU.