The UK Podcast Awards 2015

The Dreamcast community has spoken: we asked for you to vote, and you did! Thanks to you lot - our readers and listeners - the DreamPod has been shortlisted as a finalist in the UK Podcast Awards video games category. There are three finalists in total and so we're up against stiff competition from Retro Asylum, the UK's number 1 retro-gaming podcast; and also PlayStation Radio UK. I actually got into podcasting by listening to Retro Asylum and the RetroCollect podcast (before getting involved with the latter as a co-host and editor), so I'm actually a little overwhelmed that we are nominees along with such esteemed and long-running productions - especially since DreamPod only started earlier this year.
That said, the final verdict on who wins the category is a joint decision that comes down to both judges' criteria (based on several categories such as social media activity, the podcast website and podcast content) and public vote, so you can still influence this! If you would like to cast a vote in our favour then please visit this link and vote DreamPod! It takes literally seconds and is totally anonymous, should you wish so. Thanks again Dreamcasters - whatever happens, myself and at least a few of the other team members will be in attendance at the awards evening at the Midland Hotel, Manchester on Saturday 12th September 2015. Just being nominated is a massive achievement in itself and we owe it all to you.

There are lots of other categories in these awards - it's not all about games - and there are some fairly big names in the running for a prize, including This American Life, producers of the fantastic Serial podcast that has dominated the iTunes charts for the last thousand years. Others include Freakonomics Radio and the 2000AD Thrillcast.

Click here to cast your vote for us!

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