Sega Retro Adds Full List Of Widescreen Titles

The news broke recently that certain Dreamcast games are playable in full widescreen mode with the use of a Codebreaker cheat disc. We didn't really bother running the story because it was already being reported to within an inch of it's life on other sites, and to be honest I don't really care whether I play my Dreamcast games in widescreen, narrowscreen, or on a black and white portable CRT from 1987. True story - I used to play my Dreamcast on one of those tiny Casio LCD handheld TVs because I didn't have a proper TV in my bedroom when I was a teenager. School of hard knocks: graduated with honours.
Image source: SEGAbits
Some people do want to play in widescreen though, and that's cool. The good news if you fall into this camp is that our friends over at the awesome Sega Retro wiki have added a page detailing every game that makes use of this newly discovered 16:9 anamorphic widescreen mode, and it also lists the codes required. If you're sick of having those black boarders at the side of the screen when you play your DC on a widescreen TV (and you own a Codebreaker), it may be in your best interest to visit this link:

Sega Retro List of Widescreen Dreamcast Games

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DCGX said...

I sold my Codebreaker years no regret it. It's pretty handy to have all the codes in one list though.

Roareye said...

Stick with this link to get the most recent codes. That WIKI hasn't been updated in over 6 months!