SEGA Hoped XBOX Would Be Dreamcast Compatible

As reported by Kotaku, it seems that Sega Chairman Isao Okawa had met with Bill Gates (no need to mention what he does) a number of times in an attempt to forge a deal that would allow the XBOX to play Dreamcast games. Former Microsoft exec Sam Furukawa said via Twitter:

"Before Mr. Okawa passed away, he visited Gates several times, to see if it would be possible to add Dreamcast compatibility into the Xbox."

The article goes on to reveal that Sega had hoped that through this compatibility, Dreamcast fans could migrate to the much more powerful XBOX. Negotiations fell apart when Microsoft decided that they didn't want an internet connection for the Dreamcast titles. Check out the full article for more informative tidbits.

My take: I wish Sega had made the move. Sure a handful of games would lack online features, but a bulk of the library would have been unaffected. Besides, maybe Sega and Microsoft could have worked out a deal to create ports of online capable Sega games that would bring in some profit for Microsoft. Another possibility could have been that Microsoft received a cut from the monthy subscription fee that games like Phantasy Star Online charged.

Of course, one would also have to question if the Dreamcast on the XBOX could have lead to Microsoft having exclusivity on Sega titles and possibly buying out Sega at one point in the future. Who knows!

What's your take?

Dreamcast Happenings in the Seventh Gen World

Being a Dreamcast fan, it's easy to stick to the impressive library of 680+ games. However, many Dreamcasters have probably felt the pressure to buy into current gen consoles. I'll admit, a year after the Dreamcast was declared "dead" I gave into the promise of new Sega games for the Playstation and Xbox consoles. Now nine years into relying on other consoles for Sega goodness, Dreamcast fans can pretty much agree that the glory days of the red/blue/orange swirl have not completely returned. Despite this, there has always been the occasional Dreamcast related treat given to us by Sega.

Over the past few days a couple of Dreamcast tidbits have popped up in the current gen world. The first of which is the rather exciting rumor of Sonic Adventure releasing on the 360's game download service. The rumor began at in a news story about an anonymous source revealing that Sonic's first 3D adventure is set for XBLA (and maybe PSN?). While rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, since the story launched has had to take the news posting offline. Intriguing! Perhaps they said something that Sega did not want to be heard... yet.

A possible photo of a test screen.

Another Dreamcast related happening hit the 'net today, and it is as far from a rumor as you can get. It's a confirmation of Space Channel 5's Ulala and Crazy Taxi's B.D. Joe appearing in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing! While Ulala was a given, B.D. Joe certainly was a surprise! Take a look at the trailer below:

With four more characters yet to be confirmed and thirteen unseen courses, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is definitely a game to watch for Dreamcast stars of old. In celebration of B.D. Joe and Sonic Adventure, enjoy this classic advert (B.D. Joe is at the 20 second mark):

Primitive Nightmare has Landed

Christ, I wish this snow would fuck off. Anyhow, you may remember a few weeks back I posted about a brand new indie DC release called Primitive Nightmare. Good news - it's arrived in free, fully downloadable form! Go here to find out more info about this retro-styled shooter and download the disk image. As Fuseki, the game's creator says on the site, all you need is Windows, a blank CD and either Discjuggler 4.X or higher, Alcohol 120% or BootDreams. There are also links on the site if you don't have any of those utilities. How helpful. I wish I could say the same for the local Council who still don't think it's necessary to grit the roads round here. I've already skidded off the ice and snow-covered road and into a field once in the past week. If it happens again, I'll be making their lives an Advanced Nightmare.

I personally havn't got round to giving Primitive Nightmare a playtest yet, but if you've already given it a whirl, feel free to post your experiences in the comments section. Right, I'm off to de-ice my windscreen...

DC-UK in the house!

My house, that is. I just bought a bunch of old game mags for the collection and among them came these two beauties. Now, it's already hard to get some Portuguese mags around here, there's not much of a market for old game magazines (took me about 10 years to finally find the issues I bought, and I'm still missing a lot from another mag), so to also get some foreign magazines with it only happens once in a lifetime. Or twice, I hope. Anyway, I know it's nothing to be that proud of, after all it's just a couple of magazines, but still, I think it's a worthy addition to my Dreamcast collection :)

Happy New Year!

All of us here at the DCJY would like to wish all our readers and followers a Happy New Year. Here's to many more years of Junkyarding and Dreamcasting! Now, excuse me I go and down an ice cold Bulmers pear cider, y'all :)