New Stuff!

Today saw the arrival of two new peripherals in the 'Yard: The coveted Keyboard and Mouse combo! They are complete with boxes and inlays and are perfect for Hidden & Dangerous. Quake 3 Arena will no doubt be arriving any day now, so it will be good to see if the DC's mouse and keyboard match those seen on the PC.

The Games

At this point, here are the games that have found their way to the Junkyard. In no particular order they are:

Worms Armageddon, Rresident Evil: Code Veronica, Carrier, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Hidden & Dangerous, V-Rally 2, Dave Mirra's Freestyle BMX, NHL 2K, Dead or Alive 2, Slave Zero, F1 World Grand Prix, Soul Fighter, Sega Rally 2, Virtua Fighter 3tb, Soul Calibur, Hydro Thunder, Virtua Striker 2, Re-Volt, Sword of the Berserk, Sonic Adventure, Soldier of Fortune, Sega GT, House of the Dead 2, Uefa Dream Soccer, Metropolis Street Racer

The Peripherals

The initial peripherals are as follows:

4 Official Dreamcast pads

2 Official Dreamcast Lightguns

2 Official Dreamcast VMUs

The Beginning

Welcome to The Dreamcast Junkyard. A place where anything Dreamcast related will be taken in, brushed up and then paraded for all to see - a museum and a showcase for all things Dreamcast.

The collection at present is quite small, but given time it's growth will be chronicled here. If you wish, and have nothing better to do, check back occasionally to see what has been added to - or dumped into - The Junkyard.