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The sudden and unexpected appearance of the Dreamcast logo in the strangest places continues, people. Earlier, I was explaining to my housemate how Man United are going to catch Chelsea and win yet another league title in spectacular fashion, when something in my peripheral vision grabbed my attention:This rather poor quality photo is of the net curtain in said housemate's bedroom! But that's not all - as the swirl caught his attention I was able to half inch (pinch) his PSP, flush it down the toilet and replace it with a Tiger Game.com. Ho ho...THE FOOL will be forced to play Lights Out in monochrome for all ETERNITY!

As well as that, I gave in to temptation earlier and did actually take those two games back to the shop (Suzuki Alstare and Speed Devils Online). I exchanged 'em for the original Speed Devils and...eek!...Spirit of Speed 1937!!!

Now, The Dreamcast Junkyard is 100% supportive of the Dreamcast for obvious reasons (it being the greatest Sega console ever, and Sega being the greatest games company ever...as the Americans may be heard to frequently exclaim - "Do The Math!"), but is in no way biased. If a Dreamcast game is great - I'll say so...but likewise if a game sucks, the 'Yard will tell it like it is.

Using that ideology, Spirit of Speed sucks. A lot. Even to the point of sucking ass. A few reasons squire?

  • You get a tarmac/tire squeal when you accelerate on grass!
  • The graphics are atrocious.
  • The frame rate often dips to flickerbook levels. Like the ones of a bouncing ball you used to draw on the corner of your maths book in school. But less entertaining.
  • The loading times last for eons - indeed, this gamer watched the rise and fall of an empire of bacteria in an old yogurt pot before the first menu even appeared.
Also - If anyone out there reading this also owns Spirit of Speed, could you be a mate and tell me how to switch to the 3rd person view shown on the back of the box?!

As I already suspected, Speed Devils Offline is vastly superior to the Online variant and has a fantastic single player championship (and as mentioned in an earlier post, superior graphics and music too). It's actually a lot like Rush, but with more detailed tracks and more customisability (not sure if that is an actual word). Overall: a damn fine game, peeps.

New review here too. Lest we forget the HORROR of Army Men: Sarge's Heroes...


gnome said...

This is a disgrace!!! I've only been away from my PC for 3 days, and no pr0n has appeared in the Junkyard...


P.S. Cheers and stop mentioning Army Men all the times. It's scaring the ladies away..

Tom Charnock said...

Ha ha - Sorry Gnome. I will do my best to satisfy your need for Pr0n as soon as is humanly (or Gnomely) possible! Thanks for reading!

gnome said...

Thanks for writting mate... And I see you 're closing on Chelsea... Good.

Anonymous said...

Btw, "Do the math!" was the Atari Jaguar slogan, and the math never did add up