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Inferiority Complex

Ah, the August Bank Holiday. A 3-day weekend that traditionally consists of a continual deluge of rain coupled with nothing but shite on TV. I feel sorry for the unenlightened fools who are weak-minded enough not to posses a Dreamcast to get them through the endless hours of alcohol abuse and staring out of the window. Sigh.


I'm not the kind of gamer who regularly partakes in the act of badmouthing rival platforms. This is generally because it's a pathetic waste of brain power, oxygen and above all - time. Oh, and because the Dreamcast simply has no rivals anymore, it being for all it's merits, a truly defunct system. Nevertheless, in-between random bouts of stating the bleeding obvious, today I spotted something I feel I must share with you.

Now, we've mentioned the embryonic Nintendo Revolution (or Wii, as I refuse to call it) previously here at the Dreamcast Junkyard - namely in The Gagaman's superb hit-attracting Soul Calibur-with-a-fishing-rod experiment. Now I'm going to mention it again. To be totally honest, the Wii (cringe) is definatley the console I'm most looking forward to in the Next, Next, Next Generation of hardware simply because of that brilliant controller/remote thingy, and the fact that the system's overall appearance is - let's face it - cool as fuck. Cooler, infact, than Samuel L. Jackson sitting in a deck chair made of ice whilst sipping a Bud Ice and staring out over the perfect and untouched Ice Deserts of Ganymede. A first for a Nintendo system, I'm sure you'll agree. But enough waffle. Look at these shots:

They're of a game entitled 'Elebits,' that looks to me like some sort of Pikmin style affair but set in a giant house. The striking thing is that it all looks a bit Toy Commander to me (in that it...erm...features small things in a kitchen)...but with graphics THAT AREN'T AS GOOD:

That's right folks - a game on a console TWO generations after the annihilation of the Dreamcast...with INFERIOR GRAPHICS than a 1999 LAUNCH TITLE!!!!

Put that one in your pipe and smoke it!

***Disclaimer: If you are a Nintendo fan boy, please don't leave messages on here about how I'm a cunt/idiot/fuck head etc. I know this already. Thank you for your cooperation.***


Anonymous said...

Tc you are so right! hey even my kids kow the DC was already there! Believe! there is nothing new here... better graphics may be. But it is essentially toy commander... available from gamestation for £2.50 with a console for £17.00 folks. if you want to buy a Wii for £250 and then the game for £50 go ahead. But 'new'doesn't necessarily mean 'improved'. i would like a Wii as a gift but wont be buying one. its already here in the DC. With mags like Retrogamer its obvious that 'new does not mean better' You can't improve on chess no matter how graphically better you get! Now Shenmue on the other hand... Bring it on... Im rambling but I hope you get the point...
Father Krishna

Anonymous said...

damn! this does not make sense! and damn again! i cant log in as me! But what d'ya want? i bought a nintendo mag that had a DVD of zelda fishing with the 'new' Wii controller and i thought hmmm... I've seen this somewhere before... motion sensors... hmm... next they'll be telling me there's A new seaman coming out... What there is.? on PS2 oh fuck it... those sony whores have realised you can do voice recognition?
Its all so 2001. Just bring back the DC into mainstream sales and we'll all be happy! or at least i will... Fuck the next gen. Star Trek next Generation? was next generation an improvement on the original? was data better than spock? jesus i'm disappearing up my own arse! All I know is that spock helped me to swallow my own Seaman... God its all gone tits up. DC forever! USA! USA! etc. ad infinitum... Its all gone Pete Tong and i have burned my bridges with the DCJY community...But i stand by my post! (In Shaggy voice) "it wasn't me..." Cripes! Heck! Blimey!
Oh fuck it I'm off to bed...

Animated AF said...

Er...these two games are entirely different in premise. I hardly think the graphcs of this game will be all too important when you're throwing houses and cars about like that bad guy from the Incredibles.

The Wii is actually the most interesting thing to happen to the console market since the Dreamcast. Everything in between was boring as heck. Graphics wont mean jack if the Wii actually has new styles of gameplay, something we haven't had for yonks.

Tom Charnock said...

C'mon man, gimme a break - I created a entire post out of a few screens!!! Surely that deserves credit?!

fatherkrishna said...

I've just looked at my idiotic ramblings from last night, in the way one might look at a fat ugly bird/transexual/horse lying in bed next to you in the morning following a drunken encounter that seemed like a dynamite score the night before. At the time I thought it was witty, errudite and perceptive - in the way Homer thought he had acted like Noel Coward at Marj's dinner party, only to find he had been stoopid and leary towards Maude Flanders. The Gagaman made me feel like I'd just been told off/ put straight by a sensible older brother. Remember kids to follow Zammo and Nancy Reagan's advice when it comes to intoxication... Just say no. And if you fall off the wagon don't post the type of crap I did on the 'Yard. Humble apologies all round!

Tom Charnock said...

FK - Fear not, your inane ramblings offer nothing but enlightenment to 'Yardites everywhere!

fatherkrishna said...

Thanks Tom, (you so know who this is...) FK

gnome said...


Pic-post without porn

or pr0n

(gnome sneers)

Still... a funny read mate.