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Counterstrike on Dreamcast??? WHAT!?!?!!?!??!

I am hesitant to post this since I can't tell if it's finished development or not. It's very interesting though.


So it's single player with Counterstrike weapons and bots. I assume that multiplayer would be almost impossible. Still pretty cool. I have played single player Half Life mods with Counterstrike weapons before and they were fun.

This is actually more of a technological step for the Dreamcast than anything else.

If any Dreamcast or Half Life coders are out there listening please considering making this playable on the Dreamcast:


They Hunger. The sweetest single player mod for Half Life EVER. It would be AWESOME to play this on the Dreamcast!

Or as a close second:


If either of these mods was playable on the Dreamcast I would be able to die a happy death.

They both feature zombies.

The future of the Dreamcast looks pretty good if people can get more Half Life mods to work on it.


Animated AF said...

Wow, another impressive development in the world of Dreamcast Homebrew. The things they are pulling off with the system astounds me. I think I heard about this Counterstrike port some time back at DcEmu but this is the first footage I've seen of it. This opens up the potential for dozens of new first person shooters for the Dreamcast =)

NebachadnezzaR said...

This port alone is really more of a technological curiosity than anything else, since playing CS offline is really not that fun, but if this means that there are more HL mods coming to the DC, WOW!!!

Those two in particular would be sweet, Caleb.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, although I can't imagine playing CS using a Dreamcast controller instead of the mouse.

Ross said...

This is technically impressive. However, I've tried Counter-Strike once at my friend's house and couldn't get into it at all. Especially after hours upon hours of Halo 1 and 2 multi player.

Animated AF said...

Madrush= You could always get a Dreamcast keyboard and mouse =)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure modding half-life on the Dreamcast is a simple thing. I downloaded a pack from underground gamer that had like 16 mods or something on it that all worked on the Dreamcast fairly well.

Animated AF said...

Dudex77: are you sure those wern't Quake mods? DCEvolution ported Quake I a few years back and there have been lots of mods of it, such as Simpsons Quake and Raptor Quake.

gnome said...

Great find Caleb, but, really, why should multiplayer be impossible?

Anonymous said...

yeah it's definitely Half-life. Heres a link to the UG download http://underground-gamer.com/details.php?id=21247

fatherkrishna said...

I would LOVE to play that on my Dreamcast! It looks like the most sophisticated mod/homebrew for DC I've seen (not counting commercial releases like Last Hope) Great find Caleb... January has been a good month for the DCJY so far...

Caleb said...

Yeah to Make Counterstrike single player fun they would have to create a whole single player campaign.

The original game had no single player levels.

I hope someone does remake "Heart of Evil". Nathan Ruck released the code to the public!

I mean there are so many awesome single player mods for Half Life out there.

Anonymous said...

Im currently having a look into porting They Hunger to the dreamcast. It looks possible but if there is any bugs I doubt I will be able to fix them.

Caleb said...


FOr the Love of Dreamcast PLEASE COMMENT or send me an email at


At hotmail.com

If you ever get this working!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey they hunger and other mods are working i downloaded it from this extremeley hard to find russian website. it's kinda glichy but it's cool

http://www.box.net/public/dpba00b3ya http://www.box.net/public/dpba00b3ya

and heres the website translated


CantStrafeRight said...


I made some progress on They Hunger Ill send you an email with some screen shots later tonight.

Anonymous said...

can it play on multiplayer game ???