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Top 10 Dreamcast Games show from G4TV

Now here's something I haven't seen before, and it's just shown up on Youtube by 'TheDarkStation88'. This is a half-hour show called "the Filter" from the channel G4TV (who also did that great History of Dreamcast show that everyone must of seen by now), that charts the top 10 all time Dreamcast games based on the votes from a message board, which I'm guessing dates around 2004 (judging how they reference Soul Calibur II being "last year") with the host even dressed up as Ulala (which is alright until she starts talking). Worth a look even if almost everyone that talks about the games is from one magazine publication and all the wonderful in-game sound is replaced with stock music. It's spilt into 3 videos below:


マーティン said...

Her voice isn't that bad... OK, it's awful, I just like the outfit.

It's nice to see reviews and videos of Dreamcast stuff as if the thing is still in action. My brother wanted to play some CoD5 online last night and I said it bored me and went off to play Capcom VS SNK on the Dreamcast. Now, that's a game!

Look out for game reviews, hardware reviews and other random stuff on my blog :)

Jeff said...

I seemed to get upset during a lot of the comments made during this (especially when they were talking about shen mue). Still cool to see!

Tom Charnock said...

Eh? It won't let me watch! AAAAAARGH! Man, I fucking loathe this O2 mobile broadband.

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't they play Jet Set Radio music during the JSR/JGR segment??

Anonymous said...

Another thing, No Rayman 2. :( though I guess it was technically a port, but it was one helluva port! And in my opinion, Power Stone 2 trumps the first one. I think even one dude thought they we're talking about the sequel with his four player remark.

Pretty awesome that I own all but 2 of the games mentioned (including the oddities segment)

Anonymous said...

own 9/10 of those games ;) The only one I don't have is Soul Caliber because I'm not that big a fan of fighting games.

fatherkrishna said...

A great video post there and I echo the sentiments that it's great to watch them as if the Dreamcast were still very much alive and a market contender!

fatherkrishna said...

BTW, I don't care about the voice, she looks great and she could have it ALL day! LOL!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhhh dreamacast we will never forget u!!!!!
Nice videos!

I really want to live back in 1999 i realllllyyy misss these dayss!!!

what about u guys?