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Slow News Week Continues. Ryo Hazuki Returns!

...in Sega All Star Racing.

Sega this is NOT what we meant when we asked for Shenmue 3.

And yes. He drives a motorcycle AND a forklift. So I might actually give this game a shot.

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Animated AF said...

Don't you dare only consider buying this! The fact that Sega have acknowledged Shenmue in any form at all is worth celebrating! This has made my day! :D

Barry the Nomad said...

This is incredibly exciting news! I've already been all over every Sega site imaginable shouting my "hoorays!".
2010 looks to be the best year of Sega goodness in a long time: This (and the game itself), Needlemouse, Bayonetta and possible Dreamcast XBLA games. Can't wait!

A Moomintroll said...

Looks like you can play as Amigo too.

Barry the Nomad said...

I can't wait for a DCJY, or Junkyards in general, Sega Racing game night.

Unknown said...

Wouldn't it also be awesome if inside the game there was like a small video information about Shenmue (for the more recent SEGA fans that aren't acquainted to Shenmue's greatness)? Even some Shenmue's goodies in it like photos, covers of games, many unlockable Shenmue characters that could be played... Just trow me a piece of paper and I'll come up with ideas to improve this game!

Barry the Nomad said...

I'm hoping there is some sort of trophy system or history section that gives nods to SEGA's past.

segata sanshiro said...

Hey guys, please dont flame me, i'm just proposing an opinion: IMO the retards that inherited the brand of SEGA are slowly but surely bastardizing each one of the great IPs that the company had in the past. They're just incapable of creating anything new that can compare to anything the competition is throwing out... so they rehash our beloved memories into insignificant 3rd rate pieces of marketing garbage.
Please forgive me again, but we all know that SEGA died with the Dreamcast... and by that name i mean the idea, the creative energy that held all those great developers like Naka, Suzuki and Mizuguchi together, the coolness that made us proud to laugh at the SNES back in the day even knowing that the Genesis (MegaDrive) was slightly inferior as a machine.
SEGA was a symbol for the new-generation... a company that looked like it doest care about anything else than the fans (of course a PR strategy, but a good oneone)

Barry the Nomad said...

You don't deserve the name "segata sanshiro". The real Segata would never give up on Sega, even through they worst times.
But guess what, and this isn't my opinion, this is actual FACT, Sega is the best they've been in a LONG time:
Sonic Unleashed pushed the Sonic franchise in a positive direction. Games like Bayonetta and Alpha Protocol look to be excellent, and they carry the SEGA seal. SASAR is a quirky, fun racer that brings together a plethora of old and new IPs and is being developed by the team that made the awesome OutRun Online Arcade with music by Richard Jacques. Project Needlemouse has a lot of promise. SEGA Racing Classic could usher in the return of the Hornet. Mario & Sonic 2 will rake in tons of cash for SEGA, something they desperately need. The offical SEGA blog, twitter and forums are bringing SEGA more in-touch with fans than they ever have been.

Finally the "retards that inherited the brand of SEGA" statement is ridiculous. Nobody "inherited" the brand and they certainly aren't "retards". Businesses change all the time. Compare the SEGA of the 60's to the SEGA of now, why didn't they stick to making photo booths and not gotten their hands dirty with this whole video game business?

Animated AF said...

People like Segata here bitch and moan that Sega don't re-use their favorite old franchises anymore, then moan when they do. Are you one of those guys that posts "fuck you Sega blah blah blah" on every Facebook post of theirs? It's such a worn out record now: because every other company is just SO much better. See Konami's abortion of a Rockey Night Adventures sequel just announced, for example. I would like to see Sega port more of their arcade stuff to consoles like After Burner Climax, but otherwise they're hardly kicking my door down and murdering my kittens like so many seem to think they are. The Internet is such a whiny and bitter place sometimes it puts me off the whole thing.

fatherkrishna said...

Woah! Hold on there Gagaman(n)and Barry! You're both nice boys, why so harsh on Segata. I'll admit he's been a tad negative and pessimistic, but I think his heart's in the right place...

Having said that, I think Sega's recent plundering of source material by Sega has been top banana! I bought Sega Superstar Tennis for both PS2 and DS and thought the fan service was excellent.

I think that since the Wii arrived, Sega has experienced something of a renaissance.

I'm glad to see newish titles like Powerstone Collection, Crazy Taxi Fare Wars, the reinvigorated Samba De Amigo, Wii Bass Fishing, Sega Rally Revo, etc

But I also agree with Barry. New Sega IP has been pretty good in places... Viking, Condemned 1 & 2 and HOTD Overkill have been superb.

At the end of the day, some of us all look to past glory. But I personally think Sega has a very rosy looking future. Let's bring others to that point of view, rather than just chopping them down.

Segata Sanshiro said...

Hey guys, its not my intention to start a flame war, but we cant close our eyes to the truth... where is the creative genius of sega's arcade era? where is the Crazy Taxi, REZ, SA, Daytona, Shenmue of today? I admit though that Panzer Dragoon and Outrun (the game that made me buy an xbox) are amazing games.

I didn't mean to enrage you in any way guys, but I've been a sega defender through the genesis, saturn, dreamcast era, and that's why I'm pissed at them now.

I still prowdly own a genesis, a saturn, 5 dreamcasts + around 200 original GD roms... so i'm not your enemy ;)

Animated AF said...

You could say the same about most of the older game companies now. How many of them are as good as they used to be? Many are just pumping out poor remakes of their classic games, many not even developed by the same people as the originals. Of all of them, Nintendo are just about hanging on to their fans and Capcom is probably the smartest of the bunch. Otherwise a lot of gamings fun creativity and originality is dwindling.

Segata Sanshiro said...

you're right man... the world is changing, no doubt.
maybe we've seen too much :)

capcom are bastards, but the kind we like... i own a million versions of RE2 and Veronica and I'm still happy about it!