NextGen's Shenmue Review

Last time I brought you scans of the ODCM review of 'Shenmue', which gave our favorite game a 10/10. This time I present the December, 2000 NextGen review of 'Shenmue' courtesy of Sega Stylista from the SEGAbits forums!

A 'Shenmue' review is always a happy read, I especially love when the drawers and cabinets of Ryo's house get a shout-out. Who didn't spend hours in Ryo's house searching through anything and everything for items and clues? Enjoy the retro review and make sure to check out the other Shenmonth articles conveniently listed at the bottom.

Shenmonth Mid-Month Articles Round-up


Daniel said...

Thanks for posting this!

Anthony817 said...

Nice, more scans!

Where is that Half Life Multiplayer article?

Just kidding! :p Keep up the good work!

Barry the Nomad said...

Thanks! Once I get a moment at home I'll snap photos of the Half Life article :)