Win a Dreamcast, Courtesy of SEGA

SEGA of America's free stuff Friday is tomorrow, and the Dreamcast is the grand prize! Details are on SEGA's blog, something involving that Twitter thing wins you the goodies. Here's what SEGA is offering up:

Dreamcast Pack
After many requests for a console giveaway, we’re very happy to giveaway a Dreamcast (!) in its original box, nearly unopened, with controller, demos, and VMU (not in video). We also have a copy of Samba De Amigo, including the original Samba novelty maraca! And last, but certainly not least, is a copy of the original Shenmue Limited Edition in it’s original shrinkwrap – perfect for any collector or someone looking to play this classic Sega game.

Note: the maraca is a keychain and is not for gameplay use! That Shenmue LE is pretty cool too, it has the jukebox music CD included. Check out the Dreamcast centric fun in the video below:

If you can figure out that Twitter, enter to win! (Details on the SEGA Blog)


Eyz said...
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Eyz said...

Pretty neat stuff!

Retro Junkyard said...

God, I think Sega is the only company that gets it! For sure a true gaming company for a true gamer :)

Retro Junkyard said...

Barry could you contact me sometime? I would really liek you to help me with some graphics for my blog :)

Aripug said...

nice!!!! :D
Sega Rocks!!!!!!!!!!