DCJY InsideOut: Fast Striker Limited Edition

Hurray, the latest new Dreamcast indie release has arrived! Here's a quick video of the packaging of the limited edition which includes a bonus soundtrack disc, as well as rather a lot of footage of my first playthrough of it. first impressions are it's a much more accessible shooter than Last Hope and Dux what with it's four different game modes, I manged to play through to the 4th level on Novice in this first ever go without even grasping all the games techniques yet so that's cool.


Barry the Nomad said...

Great vid Gagaman! Game looks very cool. Would you recommend I get Last Hope Pink Bullets or this one first? I'm probably going to avoid DUX or wait til it drops in price.

Animated AF said...

It depends on what style of shooter you prefer I guess. If you like games like Gradius and R-Type go for Pink Bullets and if you prefer stuff like Giga Wing, Ikaruga and Mars Matrix Fast Striker is your game. Personally I fall on the latter.

And yeah, I'd probably avoid DUX especially if you find Last Hope hard because it's even harder and while it's pretty it's er...just kinda disappointing really.

Barry the Nomad said...

Yeah, DUX looked very simple and small in terms of the amount of content offered. While the gameplay looked super hard. I'm definitely a Giga Wing/Ikaruga sort of guy so I will be going for Fast Striker first. Thanks for the advice!

btw, have you heard of Pier Solar? It's an indie Mega Drive/Genesis.

The package and goodies look very cool, oh and the game looks fun too. :) I just ordered it.