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Gamespot Dreamcast Retrospective

Oh yes, another dreamcast retrospective this time from gamespot for their Video game History month. Talks to a few people responsible for the American launch as well as some random gamers. 15 minutes of telling us everything we at the Junkyard have heard dozens of times, but still worth a quick look.


zilti said...

That must be one of the best retrospectives I've ever seen.

DCGX said...

I agree. Though it could've been longer.

Anonymous said...

had a dreamcast since (uk) launch, even now when friends come over they wanna play soul calibur

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

The ending is very telling. Everyone is acting coy and speaking in code, so not to bite the hand that feeds them. But it's pretty evident that everyone believes videogames have taken a turn for the worse since the Dreamcast died. That's very interesting, because that's been my own "cranky grampa" belief for years now.

So give thanks to the game "industry," companies like EA who couldn't stand the competition, and especially all the suckers who bought into the PS2 hype. Thanks for wrecking videogames, ya jerks. Enjoy your $70 million gun games!