Jet Set Radio HD to Lose Deavid Soul?

Joystiq is reporting that Jet Set Radio's HD rerelease will not retain the full soundtrack. While I expected the HD version to shed a few tracks, I had thought the losses would be limited to the US and Euro additions. However, Joystiq points to even more cuts, most notably four tracks from Deavid Soul and Idol Taxi's OK House. JSR fans will immediately recognize Deavid Soul's tracks: Miller Ball Breakers, On the Bowl, Up-Set Attack and Yappie Feet.

Now I'm not saying that the game will be ruined without these tracks, it'll be a blast to have the right stick FINALLY controlling the camera and 60fps widescreen in HD will look stunning. But with a game like Jet Set Radio, where music is a major element of the game and story, the loss of five tracks is a big deal. Up-Set Attack and OK House define Shibuya-Cho, the former track serving as the introductory music for the first stage. Miller Ball Breakers and On The Bowl ARE the sound of Benten-Cho.

As the game has yet to be released, the best course of action is to hit SEGA up on Twitter and Facebook and request that they do all they can to bring Deavid Soul and Idol Taxi's songs to the HD version. In the meantime, don't sell your Dreamcast copies just yet.


Animated AF said...

If these tunes don't make it in, there is always custom soundtrack support.

Also, if Sega are struggling to find who owns the rights to the Deavid Soul tracks, maybe they should ask Amazon as they sell all their sings as MP3's, so they must be paying someone.

Anonymous said...

No reason to sell your originals folks. Custom soundtracks just aren't the same, especially when navigating menus. Made that mistake with Crazy Taxi HD.

Animated AF said...

Who said anything about selling the originals? I own this game three times over already as it is haha. Plus they are adding stuff like proper camera control so no real reason to ignore this over a few tracks either IMO. 70% of the OST is better than Crazy Taxi's er...0%.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, the camera was never really a problem. I would like to see them work to make the controls a bit more fluid though.