Sturmwind features in latest Retro Core

Retro Core is one of my personal favourite web shows about video games and is produced by Yakumo, the same man behind the excellent website Segagaga Domain. For the latest episode he has something special for us Dreamcast fans: a exclusive preview of upcoming redspotgames release Sturmwind! We get around 10 minutes of gameplay footage here, so if you were still on the fence about pre ordering this game, now we have plenty of footage to get a gist of what it will be like!

Personal opinion: I think it looks stunning and appears to be quite a fun mix of elements from all sorts of shmups like Gradius, Thunder Force and R Type. The production values are are simply unprecedented for an indie dreamcast game. I can't wait to get my mitts on this!


DCGX said...

Sturmwind looks amazing for an indie Dreamcast game. I think he is right in saying this goes above and beyond what we normally see. I still hate the menu though. It reminds me of the old Acclaim/Iguana logo (for obvious reasons).

Animated AF said...

Haha yeah, that is exactly what it reminded me of the moment it appeared on screen.