Happy 9.9.99 anniversary! Check out this massive video featuring DC youtube fans!

The Dreamcast launched in America on this day 14 years ago. Blimey! A friend of mine at his Youtube channel DreamcasticChannel has just released this epic 53 minute long video where he has gathered a assortment of youtube Dreamcast fans together to give us their take on the launch and what games they enjoyed. These include SegaCDUniverseAdam KoralikTheGamesShedCartridgeBrosChipstursFarmhouseMedia3000ThePractitioNERDUltraproWarriorRazor as well as both me and my mate Murry Curry from our collaboration channel LuckyHit!

Meanwhile the thing I'm planning for the anniversary is taking much longer than I was anticipating, hopefully it should be up soon. For now though you have this brilliant video above!

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