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SEGA Dreamroom 2014 - 9 hours of live streaming Dreamcast games

The SEGA Dreamroom is here! Enjoy live streaming Dreamcast games from 9am ET to 6pm ET - head on over to our twitch channel to chat as we play.

9/10 Update: Dreamroom 2014 was a big success! Thank you to all those who tuned in. Enjoy the archived broadcast embedded above, and we'll see you in the Dreamroom next year!


Tom Charnock said...

Hats off to you Barry - this must have been so much fun but such hard work too - I only managed to catch bits of it as I was watching either on my mobile or in a tiny window at work.

Great stuff, I'm truly impressed :)

Robert Jones said...

Just got round to watching some of this myself. Top work!