Let It Snow

So, it's almost Christmas once again. Hard to believe there's been 9 of these disgusting, capitalist-driven things since the 'Yard started eh? We'll be celebrating 10 years this time in 2015...but until that glorious and momentous occasion arrives - it's business as usual here at the multiverse's inter-dimensional headquarters of all things even remotely Dreamcast related. Being vaguely 'in charge' of a privately-funded government black-ops organisational quango such as this does have it's perks. I've got a swivel chair in my vast oblong office, a desk, and a bust of Dogs Bower made from recycled Hassy cans. Oh, and a nice free-standing set of Argos' cheapest balsa wood shelves upon which I rest all of my Dreamcast paraphernalia. The only problem is that the weight of said items has somewhat bowed the high-quality beams to the point that the whole thing looks like some form of ridiculous wooden hammock; in which a monster constructed from blue plastic lies like the bloated corpse of a beluga whale. At least the company car is decent - it's basically Slash's cab from Crazy Taxi 2. The only thing is, one of the rules stipulates that I must drop off a group of rappers at a recording studio and Crazy Hop over at least one house during my daily commute. Starts to grate after a while.

The best thing about my enviable position though, is getting to write whatever the hell I like and having no-one approve or edit it (see above). And so, without further ado - on to the subject of today's post: Snow. Yep, that white stuff that occasionally settles upon the realm of men and renders it impossible for trains to run or schools to open. It's a quite mysterious substance and many experts have theorised about where it comes from. The most logical theorem I've yet come across it that it's God's dandruff, and when he has a good scratch of the old Holy cranium, the rest of down here get covered in his errant scalp flakes. Like I said - that's just a theory I read in a PhD paper that blew in through my window one sunny afternoon. Truth is, nobody really knows where snow comes from. That aside, lets have a look at some of the snow-themed stages and levels that found their way into otherwise un-snowy titles in the Dreamcast's library...


Wacky Races

Red Dog

Dead or Alive 2

Sega Rally

Speed Devils


Fur Fighters

Propeller Arena

Star Wars Demolition

Obviously, there are also the 'proper' snow-themed games like Snow Surfers, Polaris Sno-cross and Sega Extreme Sports, and there are also other titles that feature wintry environs such as Sonic Adventure and Fighting Force 2. I was hoping to include Code Veronica and The Nomad Soul here too, but I can't find my save from the latter and in the former I can't find my way out of the facility at the start of disc 2 in order to frolic in the falling white stuff and build a snowman. Ho hum. Anyway, all this talk of snow and such things is making me feel all festive, so without further ado I'm off to devour 18 Christmas puddings and down a bottle of Baileys before redecorating my kitchen walls and ceiling with vomit. Bye!


CD ageS said...

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Capcom Vs. SNK 1, Power Stone, Spawn ITDH, Soul Calibur, Cannon Spike, Mortal Kombat Gold, KoF 2001, Street Fighter 3 Double Impact, Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike, Last Blade 2.
Hmm... lots of snow even in DCs fighting games.

Unknown said...


Tom Charnock said...

Ah yes, there are loads more games with snow in them...but to be honest I was getting annoyed with my rubbish capture thingy so cut the list short. Also, there's no chance in hell that it would be able to capture any 2D fighting game screens without interlacing them to death so I just didn't bother! Sturmwind is a game I'm yet to play, on account of the price. I love the DC, but rent and car tax come first XD

nocarpayment said...

Whats a car tax? Ahh incoming I wanted to like that game but it gets boring and frustrating...

Tom Charnock said...

Car Tax - what we have to pay in the UK to keep a car on the road. It's meant to go towards the upkeep of the roads, but I still spend most of my time behind the wheel trying to avoid potholes!

HuBBs said...