My First Podcast and A Resolution

A couple of days ago, I had the fortune of participating in our blog's podcast. And from that experience I learned one important thing:

It's still a bit of a mystery to me!

I do not know nearly as much about the Dreamcast as I should! Despite having gotten the console near the end of its life time and playing it since then, much of the stuff discussed was stuff I was hearing for the first time. Like, the game "Under Defeat" being the last game released on the system, or the worst game on the system (From our poll, it's Spirit of Speed 1937). Or the fact that the Dreameye was a thing.

Listen to the podcast if you haven't!

Plus, I haven't played the classic Jet Set Radio/Jet Grind Radio! This is a situation I'm trying to remedy even as I type.

Another game on the "Get This" list!

Therefore, I must resolve to learn more about my Sega consoles in general, and our beloved Dreamcast in particular. What makes it popular today? Why do I still like it after all these years? What other great games haven't I experienced yet? All this and more, next time on Dreamcast Junkyard!

Also, listen to the podcast! :P


Nancy C. Herrera said...

Adam Koralik on YouTube is a huge Dreamcast fan (probably an understatement). I would suggest looking him up :)

doceggfan said...

What do you mean Under Defeat was the last game?!? That honor goes to the 2008 re-release of Border Down, rumoured to have used up the remaining GD-ROM stock in Sega's warehouse.

B# Major General said...

Doceggfan, I think that Under Defeat was the last official, Sega-recognized release. From what I can tell, that rerelease of Border Down was something G. Rev decided to to for themselves.

Again, goes to show how much I have to learn!

doceggfan said...

Well Sega had to license/give permission to the use their proprietary GD-ROM media, so I don't think it was completely independent.

In any case, there is Karous and Trigger Heart Exelica which both came out in 2007 after Under Defeat's 2006 release.

Tom Charnock said...

Thanks for pointing that out, we all make mistakes! Thanks for listening - did you enjoy the rest of the podcast?

doceggfan said...

I have been enjoying the podcasts.

Just to clarify, Under Defeat was indeed by G.rev (pronounced Goo Rev), and they did go on to develop further games, but Pengo for the Ringwide arcade system was by Triangle Service, an even smaller boutique developer who also developed one of the "Last" dreamcast games - Trizeal - Gaggaman got a bit mixed up there, to be fair though he wasn't definitive as he said it struggling to remember.

Incidentally, Triangle Service made some efforts to officially release a port of Trizeal's NAOMI sequel Exzeal onto the Dreamcast for for the 10th anniversary in 1998, but whether Sega said no, or they ran out of money or decided against it, I'm not sure.

doceggfan said...

... I meant 2008, d'oh