DreamPod Episode 11



Unknown said...

Speaking about lightgun games and wireless controllers, it would be awesome if the guy who made the DreamComm would mod Dreamcast lightguns to make them wireless with bluetooth as well.

pcwzrd13 said...

Someone really needs to do a Kickstarter for a universal light gun that works on modern televisions! There's one for the PS2 and PC called the EMS Top Gun 3 but I hear it's not built very well and isn't very accurate. I just want a simple, well-built light gun that has adapters to work on any console. Someone make this happen!

doceggfan said...

I'd love one too, but is it even possible, you'd think it would need to be calibrated specifically for each console, cos the nes zapper doesn't work like the ps guncon or the dreamcast gun.

I wonder whether a future flatscreen LED TV with an on/off state for each pixel would work with old light guns? Cos the problem is the constant backlight mucking things up, right? We're almost at that stage now, where some LED TVs can dim or block the backlight in certain regions of the screen to produce blacker blacks.

pcwzrd13 said...

I only have a vague idea of how light guns work but I know it's possible since it's been done before (just not very well). However a universal light gun may not be. I figured all light guns worked the same but I could be wrong. I'm sure there's someone out there that can figure this out. Maybe it's YOU? ;-)

doceggfan said...

Not likely. Even as much as I'd like to get HotD4 working on my Lindbergh, there's no way I'd be able to figure out how to setup the sensors, and that's just dealing with one specific setup.

I just remember that Sega's Menacer wouldn't work with Lethal Enforcers and Konami's Justifier wouldn't work with Terminator 2, so even two light guns on the Mega Drive need to be accounted for differently. The old NES zapper would register a kill if you just pointed it at a lightbulb, but pretty sure everything since then was more sophisticated. Namco's Guncon piggy-backed/spliced into the playstations AV cable, whereas the Saturn and Dreamcast guns didn't, so even amongst those you've got a fair bit of variation to account for.

pcwzrd13 said...

Bummer. Well then scrap the universal part and just give me a Dreamcast lightgun that works on modern TVs! :-)

Kazade said...

This is the first DreamPod I've listened to. Awesome podcast!

Btw, here's my fix for the Dreamcast controller board blowout issue (second post): http://assemblergames.com/l/threads/dreamcast-controller-board-fix.57476/#post-823683

I *think* this is the "right" fix, I spent a while doing research on it to come up with the best solution :)

The fuse can also blow if it's an official controller with a dodgy connection.