Mean Green Machine

This past weekend I managed to catch up with an old friend and former writer here at the 'Yard - the artist formerly known as Father Krishna. FK, as we would occasionally refer to him, was part of the team from around 2007 - 2010 but due to personal reasons decided to take a hiatus from writing about Sega's lovely box of tricks. FK will be making a long overdue return to the Junkyard in the near future, but that's not the reason for this post. When I arranged to meet him, FK said he had a gift for me and I wasn't really sure what to expect. Imagine my shock and delight when he presented me with this bad boy:
Yep, it's a PAL Dreamcast in an aftermarket translucent green shell, complete with matching green VMU and two-tone green and clear controller. Naturally, I was a little taken aback by this act of generosity - all the more so since I've been looking for a translucent Dreamcast shell for quite a considerable amount of time but have always been put off by the relatively high price of them (and astronomical shipping costs from overseas in most cases).
I was warned that the console may not work as it hadn't been turned on for a number of years, but upon getting it home and hooking it up to the nearest TV I found that it roared (beeped) to life as if it had just come off the production line and played every game I threw at it flawlessly. There were also several save files on the VMU dating back to 2006 - a snapshot in time from games of yore.
I posted a few pictures of the unit on the Junkyard's Facebook group and was quite overwhelmed when a fellow collector and member of the group named Martin offered to send me a clear bottom half of the Dreamcast shell to make it match the two-tone styling of the controller. He also threw in a green rumble pack too to complete the package - completely free of charge. A few days later, the shell piece arrived and I set about removing the innards of the green Dreamcast, cleaned the dusty internals and then transplanted them into the clear shell. Here's the result:
It is a really stunning looking Dreamcast and is easily my favourite console in the collection now. I really cannot thank Father K and Martin enough for their random acts of generosity and I look forward to welcoming the former back to the 'Yard when he is ready to start writing again. Until then, here are a few more images of the mean green machine, complete with clear modem cover...

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Father Krishna. said...

It's my great pleasure dear Tom. I'm thrilled to be re-acquainted with your good self and the Dreamcast Junkyard! Looking forward to seeing you in manchester on the 11th!