Retropocalypse 2016 Show Report

Saturday 13th August 2016 saw the first Retropocalypse event held in Bournemouth, UK. While the seaside town on the south coast of England has played host to some fairly large comic, TV and film conventions in recent years, a dedicated gaming event has never graced it...until Retropocalypse that is! In truth, this was something of an experiment to see how much interest a retro event would generate and as such was held in a fairly small venue - The Four Horsemen pub in the town centre.
Supported by gaming sites Noah's Arcade, RetroCollect and - naturally - The Dreamcast Junkyard, Retropocalypse saw the modest venue turned into a cornucopia of retro gaming delights. It wasn't exclusively a Dreamcast-themed event, but there were a couple of consoles available to play alongside the Saturns, 3DOs, N64s and Jaguars. This event was in no way on a comparable scale to recent shows such as Revival Solstice or the upcoming Play Expo Manchester (which we'll also be at!), but throughout the day over 100 people ventured into the downstairs room, attracted no doubt by the melodious sounds of antiquated gaming goodness and promise of twinkling CRTs.

The event wasn't as busy as we'd hoped, but on a blisteringly hot August weekend just a stone's throw from one of the best beaches in the country, Retropocalypse still attracted a fair few curious punters who fancied a game of Guilty Gear X or Virtua Tennis. Here are a selection of photos I took on my trusty iPhone throughout the day...
Thanks to all who attended - we are looking at the possibility of running this event again in the future, but on a larger scale, in a different location...and possibly not on one of the sunniest days of the year! As ever, we'll be sure to let you folks know if and when this happens!

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