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Adam Koralik Reviews Akura Dreamcast HDMI Box

We've reported on the Akura from Beharbros a couple of times in the recent past (here and here), but now you don't have to settle for reading my words with your eyes - you can look at Adam Koralik show you just how awesome the Akura while he tells you with his voice! Yes, in his latest video Adam goes into great detail about the different video output signals the Dreamcast kicks out, and also tells us a little bit about his love for the Turkish version of Nutella. Oh, and there's a demonstration of the Akura in action. Here's the video:

Thanks go to Adam for letting me share his video here. Hopefully this will give those people who were considering purchasing the Akura a more practical idea of how it performs, and the features included. Be sure to check out the huge back catalogue of games related content on Adam's YouTube channel here, and you can find more on the Akura at Beharbros website here.

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ProteinDC said...

I got one as part of the first batch. I currently have a VGA cable going to a VGA to HDMI box which is an upscaler. Looks beautiful when it's upscaled to 4k on my 55" 4k TV. I can adjust the image to fit the whole screen without stretching.

The issue with this HDMI box, is obvious. It passes the 480p signal over HDMI only. So the quality is rubbish. No upscaling at all.

I bought the Akura out of excitement thinking my TV would upscale and the fact it required no external power source like the VGA to HDMI upscaler.

Personally I would not recommend this. Your're best off getting a VGA cable (preferably vga box) and connecting to a VGA to HDMI upscaler.