Xeno Crisis Kickstarter Adds Dreamcast Stretch Goal

Xeno Crisis from Bitmap Bureau is a top down shooter planned for the Sega Mega Drive, and while we were aware of this intriguing campaign we didn't cover it as...well, it's a Mega Drive game. That looks like it's about to change though, as Xeno Crisis recently smashed through its Kickstarter goal of £20,000 and has had a Dreamcast port and a two-player mode added as stretch goals. Naturally, with this news we have backed the game (a standalone pledge of £30 secures a Dreamcast copy in NTSC-J style case), and hopefully the £35,000 total for this will be met.
"Xeno Crisis is a new, original title for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis which will be released both as a physical cartridge and also as a downloadable ROM. At its core, it's an arena shooter that takes inspiration from the likes of Smash TV, Contra, Mercs, Granada, Alien Syndrome, Zombies Ate My Neighbours, Chaos Engine, and Shock Troopers.

"A Dreamcast version of Xeno Crisis is something we discussed some time ago, and given both the phenomenal reception of the Kickstarter campaign and feedback from the community, we felt like now was the time to commit to it!

"We’ve added a new pledge for those of you who just want the Dreamcast version. Backers of the physical editions of Xeno Crisis will be able to add £20 to their pledge to receive the Dreamcast version."
- Bitmap Bureau on Kickstarter

So, does the addition of a Dreamcast stretch goal interest you? Or are you totally burned out on Dreamcast Kickstarters by this point? Let us know in the comments, in our Facebook group or on Twitter. Oh, and you can find Xeno Crisis on Kickstarter here.

Thanks to @Gawny7789 of NPodcastSystem for the heads up on this.


Ross said...

I looked at this on Kickstarter only yesterday but decided to pass as I'd rather spend my money elsewhere.. Like on my Dreamcast collection.

Looks like I'll be backing it then.

DCGX said...

It actually looks pretty cool, and I wouldn't mind playing this with the DC arcade stick, but damn, I'm waiting on so many Kickstarter games right now. There's just so much money hanging out there.

FlorreW said...

It looks really fun ! They seem to get the good old "Smash tv" feeling and thats really nice , i see this can become a fun co-op game. Naturally i pledged for a "dreamcast edition" wich i suppose will include some extra feutures and not "only" the rom being emulated.

DCGX is right in the "much money hanging out there" but is it really that much money ? I always find a way to support theese possible new games becouse to me, it is gold to be able to play the games on "my" system of choice :)

Good luck with the kickstarter Bitmap Bureau !

DCGX said...

They add up. I have somewhere around $500 outstanding with preorders and Kickstarters for DC games. So yeah, it really is that much when you think about it.

hoogafanter said...

I wonder how this controls, perhaps like Bangai-o?

Seems cool, might check it out but not intrigued enough to back...