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Dreamcast Collectors Unite!

If you're reading this blog, there's a good chance that you're a fan of the Dreamcast. I mean, why else would you be here? And as fans of Sega's little 128 bit machine, we have numerous ways of enjoying the excellent game library – some of us like to stick to emulators on our souped up PC's, lacking the space required to have shelves of games. Others will have invested in one of the numerous mods available to have hundreds of DC games on your real-life Dreamcast at all times, a great way to experience titles that would otherwise be out of reach. Then there are those who do it old school – only play original discs on an original machine, and only the very best of the library.

Despite what some people may tell you – all of these are completely legitimate ways to enjoy the console if you so choose. We're one big happy Dreamcast family, and there's no one out there able to tell you how to enjoy your own precious time playing games. This also, however, goes for those people out there who want to amass large collections. If you want to have a ton of awesome Dreamcast games, consoles, merchandise or collectables – that's cool too! Whilst collectors are sometimes 'frowned upon' by sectors of the Dreamcast community, there's absolutely no denying that some of your collections are... magnificent! And we at the DCJY, fine connoisseurs of everything Dreamcast, like many of you, love seeing what bits and pieces people have in their games rooms. 

And that's where this latest series of articles for the Dreamcast Junkyard comes in. We've scoured our contact books, sent some begging e-mails, and genuinely made a nuisance of ourselves, all in the pursuit of showcasing some of the best, interesting and weird Dreamcast collections out there. We ask the collectors themselves just why they do it, get them to show off some of their wares, and hopefully showcase some rare bits whilst we do it!

But it's not only the super-collectors who we'll showcase here. We want to take a look at some of the more modest collections from other passionate Dreamcast collectors, and so we'll be talking to some of those as well. Not everyone can afford, or indeed wants to own, a large collection, but they cherish what they have, and these passionate fans are the backbone of our little community.

We'll be bringing you the very first of these new articles very soon, but we'd love you (yes, YOU) to take part as well! If you have a Dreamcast collection you're just dying to share with the wider DC community, drop us a message through any of our various social media platforms. 


DCGX said...

This is a cool idea!

For me personally, I have a very conservative collection (handpicked) and the items each have their spot/location in my basement/game room. I honestly don't feel like moving things around to take pictures.

I still haven't taken pictures of my game room, which I've said for years I should do.

Unknown said...

Sounds a cool idea, I had a massive Saturn and dc collection back in the day but sold alot of it off to get a couple of Xbox 360s and games at launch for me and my brother, regret that now but started rebuilding my collection after I found some bits at my folks when sorting through some old boxes! Up to about 70 dc games, couple of dcs and lots of add ons ( guns/vmus etc ) and some bits of merchandise

Spaceturnip said...

The great thing about collections is the fact that, whether you have 10 games, 100 games or 1,000 games, it's a very personal thing, and there's no 'right' or 'wrong' way to doing it. I know people who call themselves collectors can get a bad rep sometimes, so I feel articles like this can be a bit more of a positive story than the usual social media moans.

We've got some amazing collections coming up - eye wateringly amazing for someone like myself who would happily spend all day exploring other peoples collections. But we also have more modest and conservative collections, and they bring me just as much happiness to view, as the passion from people is so obvious in their responses.