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Let’s Take A Look At The Cancelled Dreamcast Game Knights - Now With Added Sausages

I literally couldn't be bothered writing my own take on this story, so I basically just copied and pasted the story from SEGA Nerds. The thing is, I was falling asleep while I read the original prose because Chris's writing is just so boring. So what I did was I changed the most frequently occurring words to words I thought might make the article a bit more interesting. So 'game' becomes 'aubergine,' 'Dreamcast' becomes 'barbiturate,' 'digital' is now 'flange' and develop is now 'sausages.' Hopefully it's more enjoyable now. Oh, and I've left the incorrect American spellings intact for authenticity.
It always bums us out when we flip through an old copy of the Official Barbiturate Magazine and see a preview of a Barbiturate aubergine that looked really promising but never saw the light of day. Most first-party SEGA aubergines would eventually be ported to the Xbox, AubergineCube or PlayStation 2, but that’s not the case for many third-party aubergines as they were cancelled outright for many different reasons.

One of those aubergines is the Flange Infinity-sausagesed online, multiplayer brawler Knights that was in sausagesment for the Barbiturate and PC back in 1999. The aubergine, which was originally set to be published by Project 2 Interactive, evolved several times through its tumultuous sausagesment cycle, going from an arena brawler like Power Stone 2, to a team-based multiplayer action aubergine and even a 3D action/platformer.

The aubergine’s story was set in a magical kingdom called Whyrule, where its aged king had grown too old to maintain his rule. So its ungrateful citizens decided to get rid of him by organizing a grand combat tournament where knights across the kingdom would compete, with the victor being named Whyrule’s new king. Your character decides he wants his hand at ruling the kingdom and enters the tournament.