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Ain't no party like a Dreamcast party...

I was gonna terminate my relationship with the Dreamcast Junkyard when my last post was removed... I really was! I was hurt people... I thought that my last video post was funny! Other contributors however, thought otherwise... Still, each to his own, I guess... If you want to check out what that was look here... Be warned though, if you're easily offended by strong language, poor video blogging, or sad mofos expressing their love for the Dreamcast, you might not want to click on the link...

Still! Its time for me to re-establish myself on the DCJY, if necessary for one last time... The subject? Great DC games to play with friends if you're throwing a Dreamcast Party... OK! After my last (uncensored) post, I came up with a few great games to play when you've got friends round... Thanks to the comments of my colleagues, I've come up with a few more

Virtua Athlete 2K: This is a great 4 player game! Button mashing is the order of the day, as your chosen player competes in a number of Olympic events! Whether it's hammer throwing, long jump, hurdles or the javelin, make sure your timing is right and your hitting those butons at precisely the right moment... Otherwise you're doomed to have your opponent laughing as they trump you for that points bonus at the end of the round... Highly playable, whatever your video game experience, and a great multi-player title... Let's move on shall we?

Powerstone 1 &2: OK! One of Capcom's finest! This anime inspired title, actually generated its own cartoon over the Pacific, in the land of the Rising Sun... OK we're looking at a hectic weapon based fighter, that matches frantic gameplay with crazy power ups and allows you to take your opponents to the cleaners with a wicked combo whilst you're strengthened by Power Rangers style machismo... Top Banana!

Sega World Wide Soccer (Euro Edition): The pinnacle of Dreamcast football games... Yes this was perhaps the BEST football game on the Dreamcast. Sort your friends and yourselves into some kind of Euro or International League and you'll be playing all night! It's at its best when you go to extra time and penalties. A truly wonderous title, perhaps one for the boys, but who knows? Maybe there are some ladies out there that could prove me very wrong, and give my Sheffield Wednesday squad a good spanking...

Dead Or Alive 2: There's nothing like a good ol' beat 'em up to level the playing field, and perhaps, after Soul Calibur, this is the Dreamcast's finest! Luscious graphics and a sublime arena destroying title, Dead Or Alive is a wondrous fighter! Pick your pugilist and stand back as this the mayhem unfolds! Happy days!

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Afro Thunder? Michael Jackson? Take your pick and slug it out till the final round till your protagonist is ready to stay sniffing canvas! This game lets you battle it out until you're ready to whap you're opponent out of the ring! And what a satisfying moment that is!! A great game that's as solidly Dreamcast as any other title you could think of!

Crazy Taxi 1 & 2: "OK! It's time to make some crazy money!" The Offspring will serenade you, as you're pitted against the clock, to squeeze as much cash as you can from the queuing punters that are lined up to make your fair! Crash and smash your way to the assigned destination in the minimum time... Sublime!

House Of The Dead 2: Light Guns at the ready as you battle your way against a horde of zombies to let the "Dogs Of The AMS" defeat the ever omnipotent Goldman. Two player
action never felt this good! And you can always access two player Zombie Revenge if you're struggling with HOTD2....

Typing Of The Dead: Light Guns letting you down? Then crack out your DC keyboards for a cleverer and funnier version of the affore mentioned title! This'll see you using your keyboard skills and typing dexterity to defeat the zombie hoarde!

Shenmue 2 (Duck Race) : A hidden gem within the best title ever for the Dreamcast, this mini-game sees you pitting your adopted fowl against other birds of Hong Kongs gambling community... Pick your duck, pledge some money and watch as the action unfolds...

I hope this post gets the response I'd hoped for... If it doesn't then this is my swan song from the DCJY!
And once again... "Goodnight children, wherever you are..."