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A Quick Look At Aqua GT

You know you're in for a rough ride when the development history of a game is more interesting than the final product, and that's exactly the case with Aqua GT. This powerboat racer started life as Hydro Sprint by Promethean Designs, and was showcased in several magazines of the era as boasting Wave Race 64-quality water effects and some nicely detailed boats in which to skim across the briny.
The game underwent several changes in stylistic direction and was known as Hydrosport Racing at one stage during development, and according to the Promethean Designs website was to feature an open world which could be explored in your powerboat, allowing you to take in different environments with 'rapids, ravines and choppy ocean courses.' It all sounded very promising - if a little ambitious - and was a game I was looking forward to getting my hands on. At some point in 2000 though, Promethean Designs changed their name to East Point Games, cancelled a load of interesting titles (see Picassio and Renegade Racers for further info) and spewed Aqua GT out onto an unsuspecting public, before quietly going bust and vanishing into the ether with little more than a disappointing sigh.

Renegade Racers Revealed

Developed by Promethean Designs (of Picassio fame), Renegade Racers looked set for a February 2000 release at the hand of almost-defunct outfit Interplay. A kart racer in the same vein as Crash Team Racing or Speed Freaks, but with overtones of Diddy Kong Racing (hovercraft are heavily featured), Renegade Racers was quietly pulled from Dreamcast release lists and the low review scores of the PlayStation game quite possibly had a hand in that. There is precious little information available online regarding the long lost Dreamcast port of this fairly generic racer, but The Dreamcast Junkyard is on hand to fill in the gaps with the following video. Enjoy...