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Update On Open Letter To Discotek Media

I have been contacted through unofficial channels from someone who works at Discotek Media in regards to our open letter. They got a kick out of reading about our suggestion for a Dreamcast Video Disc release, but unfortunately the licensing agreement for Hi☆sCoool! SeHa Girls is explicitly for DVD and Blu-ray only. Phooey!
Stupid legal contracts ruining our fun
However, they did reveal that a tentative suggestion has been put forward to perhaps release the discs in a special edition that mimics the Dreamcast game case style in a CD Jewel case. which is pretty exciting and a neat compromise.
So this still could happen, in a fashion
The covers and inserts would also be reversible and contain an alternative version that mimics the Saturn case style as well. At this stage, it is uncertain whether the suggestion will get approved though, but lets hope so. 

Who Dat? Dreamcast: Not the Console - the Anime Lady!

Did anyone here watch the anime SEGA Hard Girls last year? It was a short lived 13-episode series of only 11 minutes a pop, and starred the Mega Drive, Sega Saturn and Dreamcast as school girls attending a Sega high school where they are warped into games like Space Channel 5, Jet Set Radio and Virtua Fighter to earn medals. It's a very odd premise, and I'm really surprised that in this day and age, and so long after Sega stopped making consoles that they would make something like this. That said, it is so full of in-jokes for hardcore Sega fans it's hard not to like.

This video by friend of mine DiGi Valentine is a review/analysis of sorts of the character that represents the Dreamcast, detailing her design, personality and importance to the anime series. DiGi does a particularly good job of explaining her ditzy, zany attidtude attributed to the fact that she has a built in modem like the console. If you liked the video, go to DiGi's channel to see more character reviews including plenty of other Dreamcast icons such as Ryo from Shenmue, several Street Fighters and even Big the Cat.